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10 gift ideas for graphic designers

Exchanging gifts is a great way to express love and appreciation for people. But giving perfume, books, and chocolates is an old and common idea. The more creative your gift is; the more ore it indicates the amount of effort you have spent in choosing it for a particular person. Another thing to keep in mind when giving gifts to your loved ones is their character and interest. Introverts may prefer something opposite to what extroverts do. Similarly, doctors will have different preferences than artists. The hardest people to make creative and thoughtful gifts are artists and designers. These are people with very creative ideas and it is difficult to choose the right gift for them. However, here is a list of gift ideas for graphic designers.

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Graphic tablet

The graphics tablet comes with a stylus and is the latest technology. Get one of these if your designer’s friend doesn’t have one yet. A great device for drawing, creating, animating and modifying designs. Designers can also create designs directly on a PC by drawing on this graphic tablet and connecting it to a PC.

3D Doodler 2.0

Sloppiness is an important part of every artist’s life. 3D doodler is a doodle pen for creating 3D designs. That is exactly what graphic designers want to have. If you give a graphic designer friend a 3D doodling pen, you’ll find that you’re spending hours on the present.

Field note notes

Field notes are created by all designers. Everyone has a specific notebook or journal and always carry them around to create field notes. Field notes help you to make sure you’ve saved your new design ideas somewhere. If you are looking for gifts for graphic designer ideas, the field note notes are thin, perfect to give them away.

Additional storage / backup drive

Designers always need additional storage. Because their job is their greatest asset, proper backup is essential for them. You can give an additional storage drive like a hard drive. A great gift for graphic designers.

Power dock station

Graphic designers are most often those who need to be in front of the screen of a phone, tablet, or laptop. These devices need to be charged around a power socket, which is a mess in these people’s homes and offices. A power dock station helps keep your device organized while charging.

Headphone amplifier

Designers listen to music to increase productivity and creativity. Headphone amplifiers work easily on small workstations. Designed with high impedance but low sensitivity, they are ideal for designers to use when working and creating new designs.

Big cursor

Using a stylus on a touch device is a classic practice. Big cursors are in the shape of a cursor and gloved fingers. They are cool accessories, especially for graphic designers, because they have to draw their designs using a stylus, and this will prove to be a great gift.

Touch gloves

Touch gloves are an excellent gift for people living in cold areas or areas that tend to get cold somewhere in the year. With touch gloves, owners can use touch devices without having to take off their gloves. These gloves are very helpful and useful because the work of the graphic designer is always done on the device.

Computer glasses

Computer glasses are a special type of glasses that help protect your eyes from glare. These glasses are a great gift as they are made with a special kind of lens and the designer has to look at the screen for a long time. It helps them work long without eye strain.

Paid subscription for valuable courses

Similarly, there is no end to what graphic designers can learn, just as there is no end to world knowledge. Over time, the world has advanced and new designs and design methods are being introduced. There are many internationally recognized courses in graphic design that are valuable. If your friends want to learn new techniques, you can always give a paid subscription for one of these courses. Therefore, graphic designers are creative people who are fascinated by the creative. Giving them is often difficult for people. The 10 ideas above are excellent, according to 2019 graphic design trend predictions, and your friends will have these things and stay updated as 2019 is almost here.

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