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7 tips to match the colors of your outfits without fault

Black is a safe bet. But sometimes it’s also nice to have fun with other colors. To do this, you just need to know how to dose, coordinate and assemble. Zoom in on our seven tips for tastefully matching clothes colors.

Place the colors in the right place

Neutral, dark, flashy, light colors, it’s not always easy to know where to place them. The rule is quite simple. Dark shades like black, dark gray or midnight blue easily find their place on your pants, skirts and shorts and dresses for women online Pakistan. Indeed, the latter lengthen and slim down all silhouettes. On the contrary, the lighter and more vibrant colors are perfect for your tops. Why? The answer is because they illuminate the complexion.

Do not wear more than three colors at the same time

You probably know this golden rule: never wear more than three colors per outfit. Indeed, if you accumulate more than three different shades, you risk giving too much information and causing an imbalance on your figure. Among these three colors, you can associate two neutral tones with a strong color or the other way around.

The monochrome technique: the right tip for thinning out in color

What is a monochrome? It is a mixture of several colors with similar hues. Example: midnight blue + electric blue + sky blue. Or: khaki + duck green + sea green. The goal is to achieve a subtle and harmonious gradient. Why is this useful? It is because the shades of colors considerably lengthen the silhouette while allowing you to wear several shades at the same time.

Play with the contrasts of complementary colors

The other technique to combine colors without making mistakes is to play with complementary shades. To do this, take a look at the color wheel. You can easily find it on the internet. It is a circle made up of the three primary colors (blue, yellow and red), and their derivatives (the secondary and tertiary colors). To associate two complementary colors, just take two shades that face each other.

For example, red VS green, yellow VS purple or even orange VS blue. To wear them, go for the light color on the part of your body that you want to highlight and the darker color on the part you want to conceal.

Mix achromatic colors

Achromatic? These are the so-called “neutral” colors. There is, for example, the entire palette of pastel shades. These colors are all not very saturated; you can mix them very easily. Whether it’s lilac, light yellow, sea green, sky blue or nude pink. They will always go together. Trendy, they bring softness and femininity to all your outfits.

Triadic colors: the right plan for adopting a colorful outfit

Take up the famous chromatic circle. Triadic colors are the three hues that are at the same distance from each other. To find them, just draw an equilateral triangle (three equal sides). The three points show you the three colors to associate. Here are some examples of winning trios: blue + red + yellow or even purple + orange + green. This is a good way to wear bright and vitamin shades without making it risky.

Know the color associations that always work

There are color associations that always work. It is very useful to have them in mind so that you don’t have to worry about what will go with that beautiful red dress.

– Dark blue with warm colors like red, orange and yellow.

– Electric blue with neutral colors like beige, gray and brown.

– Purple with turquoise, teal blue, green, sea green and gray.

– Orange with brown, gray, dark green.

– Yellow with red, brown and blue.

– The combination of pastel colors: pale pink, blue, lilac, sea green and gray.

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