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AWS Cloud Computing Online Course and Training

Logitrain Training is an IT company that transfers its technical expertise through its training plans created by our own engineers. +3,000 people trained and satisfied thanks to the methodology implemented in our courses.

We present you our Cloud Computing Online course and its corresponding Logitrain Cloud Computing Certified Developer certification


AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud platform managed by Amazon that has become the first choice for multinational companies, governments, startups and thousands of businesses of different sizes, thanks to the operation of its infrastructures, the increase of its agility , decreasing your costs and the size of your community.

Through our live online cloud computing course, you will learn the main components of AWS as well as the basic concepts of cloud computing. In the end, it will be possible to manage an AWS account and the main components to develop web applications in the cloud.

Upon completion of this AWS cloud computing course you will be able to:

-Know how to identify and use AWS technologies to solve the needs of your web apps in the cloud.

-Know how to manage the services you consume from AWS optimizing costs.

-Know how to implement basic security mechanisms for your applications and AWS account.

The course is designed to solve problems doing practices based on real scenarios. The most important features of AWS theory and documentation will be understood while building the infrastructure of a web application using open source projects and technologies. During this training you will be assisted by a certified expert such as AWS Training with experience in the development, maintenance and improvement of web applications on AWS.

We have designed the cloud computing course in a total of 15 hours and upon completion, you will have 3 opportunities to obtain the “Logitrain Cloud Computing Certified Developer” certification; a minimum of 75% correct is required to pass it.

The knowledge you require is in the programs that AWS Training has designed especially for you through our Cloud Computing Course.

This training will be carried out in the meantime in a live online mode due to the contingency in which we are living, it can also be provided directly at your facilities where you are.

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