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Bye bye diet! These fashion tips make us melt

How to appear thinner, more slender, taller without diet? We whisper to you here our best tips for clothes, cuts, fabrics to lose pounds through simple optical illusions. Magical!

Want to look tall high?

 Optical illusion, these pieces are always must-haves for lengthening a silhouette, while the low waist is second to none for marking the little bulges that escape from it. By marking your waist higher, you lengthen your legs, while sheathing the hips. Unstoppable!


It’s the best friend of fuller thighs and, oh the good news, it’s at the heart of the trend right now. It’s simple: by densifying the lower leg, it optically refines the upper. This season, it is slightly flared on the calf but nothing to do with the maxi leg of the 70’s that our parents had their feet in. And we choose it high waist, of course.


These pants combine all the details that refine: its flared cut rebalances the silhouette by playing on volumes without molding the upper leg, its high waist reshapes the hips while its shaping effect draws a flat stomach.

Long Skirt

By hiding the small imperfections of overly strong legs, the fluid ankle-length skirt also slims the silhouette for a trendy boho-chic style.


When we have curves, we have it everywhere, also where it is needed! A plunging V-neckline will not only highlight the desirable curve of the chest, it will also balance the entire bust by redrawing its curves and refine the silhouette while verticality. One stone three birds, wow!


Beware of tops and other sleeveless dresses that highlight the slightly voluminous arms. You can wear a small jacket, a waistcoat or a cape and voila.


On the parts of the body that make us complex, we avoid extravagant prints, bold pleats and other laminated or color pop materials, which we reserve, in contrast, to our assets to guide looks where you want.


If you are slimming, so are the vertical stripes that slender the silhouette, but only if they are chosen very thin. Conversely, wide stripes will tend to thicken.

Mono Color

The total black look that slims is well known. But the good news is that it works with all colors. In monochrome, we play verticality and the unified silhouette lengthens. We like bright and dark colors. Beware of the lighter shades, which tend to grow larger. The must: the jumpsuit for ladies UAE!


As with make-up, the colors we wear also make it possible to refine or densify our silhouette. The rule: dark hollows out, thins and light highlights, densifies. With white top and navy blue pants, the outfit looks contrasting. It’s the other way around, burgundy blouse and pastel skirt.


Enemies of curves? Outfits that are too wide or too tight are to be avoided. On the contrary, flowing fabrics are our best assets.


Cotton, jersey, silk, muslin and all fine and flexible materials are OK. But beware of velvet, tweed and other thick fabrics that densify the silhouette, as well as satin, champion of molding of the beads.

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