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Caesarean section scheduled, how will it go?

The news has just fallen; baby will be born by cesarean section with the help of cesarean section surgical instrument set. Whether at your request or by medical obligation, you now know the date and time when you are going to give birth to your child, but how will it be?

Digesting the news of the caesarean

It’s always easy to accept a cesarean birth. You have every right to feel sad and helpless at first. But a cesarean is still childbirth and even if it is not the birth you dreamed of, it is still a magnificent event in your life: the birth of your long-awaited baby! And the advantage of having a scheduled cesarean is that you know in advance when it’s going to happen … handy for getting organized, especially with the elder!

Prepare well, for more serenity

There are two little things you can do at home that will prevent you from having it done by a nurse: shave or wax your pubic area to make the procedure easier and get rid of any varnish, bad for hygiene, on your nails of the block and because annoying for the tensiometer installed on the index during the operation. Continue to prepare for the birth as planned, knowing how to breathe and relax as important during a cesarean section as a vaginal birth.

An appointment that you will not be late

Most maternity hospitals will ask you to come the day before the big day in order to have time to do any missing exams (blood test, monitoring, etc.). You may spend the night in your room before being prepared for this great moment. It’s not easy to relax in an unfamiliar and impersonal room, do not hesitate to bring back a few small soft objects from home, why not a little night light to soften the light and which can also be used after birth for those restless nights. If you’re the insomniac type, consider grabbing a tablet or a good book.

On the other hand, forget the chocolate bar with hazelnuts; you must be fasting for at least eight hours during the cesarean section.

D-day: the long-awaited birth

You will descend on a stretcher to the operating room in a hospital gown and wearing a charlotte. Now is the right time for a trendy selfie. When you arrive safely, you will be laid down, you will be brushed with Betadine and you will be given anesthesia: often an epidural or a spinal anesthesia.

Then the surgical drape will be placed over the stomach so that you cannot see the actions of the surgical team.

The anesthesiologist will check that you are not feeling anything, and off you go.

Obviously the duration varies depending on the case, but in a few minutes you hear your baby’s first cry and he is even already against your cheek! A first hug, fleeting of course, but it’s time for him to receive first aid and for you to be sewn up. Congratulations, you are mom!

And your other half in all of this

It is more and more common for the dad to be present during the operation, but depending on the case and the risk of complications, surgeons reserve the right not to accept a companion. If, however, it is possible, the accompanying person will equip himself with a charlotte, a hospital gown and overshoes (you see, you have even started a trend) and will join you once the operating field is in place. It will leave you once your baby arrives to assist with first aid and for a first skin-to-skin contact.


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