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Can I hold my baby in my arms immediately after the cesarean?

Discuss this with your healthcare professional before the operation as this may change from one hospital to another. Most often, your baby will be in your care for a short time almost immediately after birth and then returned to you after the incisions are sutured so that you can benefit from skin-to-skin contact with him and thus strengthen your bond.

Can I breastfeed after a cesarean?

When it comes to the onset of breastfeeding, there is no difference between a cesarean delivery and a vaginal birth. If you are both healthy, your newborn baby may try to suckle and feed on colostrum, which is very rich in nutrients, soon after giving birth.

How long does recovery take after a cesarean?

Recovery is not the same for all mothers, but it usually takes longer than for a vaginal birth. Most often, you will need to stay in the hospital for four days after birth, while your healthcare staff can ensure you are in good health and recovering well.

Although it’s not always easy with a newborn baby, try to get as much rest as possible. Avoid lifting anything heavier than your baby, keep in touch with your doctor to remove the stitches on your belly (the ones on your uterus dissolve), and clean the scar regularly to prevent infections. Put on loose clothing that does not rub or irritate the scar. You will most likely also be banned from driving and playing sports until your doctor gives you the green light, usually between two and four weeks after birth. Recovery from an uncomplicated Caesarean generally lasts between four and six weeks.

What are the risks associated with a cesarean?

A cesarean delivery is not a trivial operation and, as with any birth, complications are possible, although rare. Your healthcare professional will be able to advise you on the best delivery technique for your particular case. Doctors always look at both the advantages and disadvantages of a cesarean section versus a vaginal birth. You can therefore ask them why a Caesarean section is recommended for you and if there are any alternatives.

Will I experience the symptoms of labor with a cesarean?

If your cesarean has been scheduled and started before labor starts, you obviously won’t notice the associated symptoms. However, sometimes a cesarean section can be decided on urgently after the onset of labor. So, whether or not you are preparing for a cesarean delivery, it can be helpful to know how to identify the signs of labor that will start to appear in the third trimester of pregnancy, usually between weeks 38 and 42.

Try to keep in mind that no matter what type of delivery, cesarean or vaginal delivery occurs with the help of cesarean section surgical instrument set, your caregivers will be there to make sure everything goes well for you.

For active moms like you, expressing and storing breast milk can be life changing. This can allow you to be more flexible about baby meals, or to let someone else take care of them. Use these tips to get you used to storing, thawing, or warming breast milk – it will soon be second nature to you and your baby.


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