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Choosing Domain and Web Page Name for Best SEO

You have decided to create your own website. Your main aim is to attract maximum people to your website – in technical terms, it is called “getting traffic”. All efforts in SEO converge to this one point that how maximum traffic will be attracted to get business and in turn earning money from this website. You can achieve this goal either by “paid options” – advertisement; or by “free options” – to optimize your web site, so that it appears predominantly in search results.

The following tips are essential to get an SEO optimized website:


domain name

It is very important because it will have an impact – negative or positive – on your SEO activities, throughout the life span of your website. Name is the first thing which Google and other search engines are looking for “who you are and what about your website is”.  So, website name must clearly unfold the business of your website – the name should be self-explicit. For this, you can use strong keywords. You can use your company name if it doesn’t already exist. Your company name must be preceded by one or two strong key words.


webpage title

The second stage is to make pages of your website. Following two factors must be considered at this stage.

Title: It is the name of the page as you have the name of your website, so, title is as important as the name. This name (title) is also read by Google or any other search engine. It will be highlighted in the clickable blue line and presented to the users in search results. It also appears when someone shares this page on face book or other social networks. It is imperative to improve the title of web page and also to use strong keywords. You can play between 50 to 60 characters, including spaces, to describe your web page and motivate the surfers to click.

Description: This is the summary of web page. This also appears to the users in search result under the title. It explains to the users “what is in the page”. So, this must be made catchy and consistent. This is your first contact with the anonymous explorer so efforts must be made to make it unique; and as “explicit and comprehensive” as possible. No matter, if Google gives less importance to this aspect but you have to keep in mind your explorer also which may be your potential customer and source of earnings for you in future, which is your ultimate goal.

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