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Convincing Business Vision Statements – Key to Sustainable Business Growth

Business vision statements – an insight

If you don’t know where you want to go, how can the decisions you make along the way help you reach your destination? If you know your destination (the big vision), you can make targeted decisions that will get you there and ensure that all key business activities contribute to achieving your vision. Your company vision is just the starting point, but it’s not easy to formulate a compelling vision. The investment you make here can help you grow your business faster and more consistently. A good business coach can help you lay a good foundation for future business growth. Many businesses sacrifice their future for the here and now in their quest to survive, increase sales or profits. They may fail to capture their “big picture” in a corporate vision that people can really relate to, or they may say one thing in their vision statement and do something completely different in practice. A well-crafted and inspiring vision statement acts like glue that holds your company together and encourages behavior that is aligned with the vision. An experienced business coach can make a valuable contribution by helping you structure it and ensuring that you stay on track, step by step, toward your chosen goal. BAS Services in Australia

The business reality – a business coach’s perspective

Some business leaders blame external circumstances for lack of growth. They point the finger at the economy, their customers, competitors or employees. Others blame themselves or believe their goals were too ambitious to achieve. The perceived cause and the actual cause are often very different. The reality is that traditional visioning and goal setting are simply not enough to overcome the obstacles to business growth and make your business all it can be. A good business coach will bring in constructive challenges and fresh ideas that will energize you and open up valuable new avenues of thinking. Formulating your business vision is less about what you want to accomplish in the next few months and more about what kind of business you want to create in the coming years. It’s important to strike a balance between surviving today to be around tomorrow and striving for a better future.

A look at exceptional business leaders

Exceptional leaders are personally responsible for their company’s future. They attract talented high performers to join them in achieving their vision. Your business coach plays a key role in helping you create a compelling vision and environment for success. You can adopt the approach of many highly successful leaders by creating and then implementing a compelling business vision – one that your employees can live. By crafting and implementing your vision, you will have much greater control over the ultimate direction of your company.

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Exceptional Leaders:

Think big: They look beyond the immediate and easily imagined future to a time many years in the future when their vision is achieved.

They are focused: they are able to envision in a concentrated and very clear way what their big vision will really look like in the future.

They are committed to others: They surround themselves with like-minded people and seek early input from other key stakeholders to share and leverage ideas and experiences that they would otherwise miss.

Leveraging core strengths: These leaders, while passionate about evolving and growing, stay true to their company’s core strengths.

Taking time out: They strategically take time out for themselves and others to free up space and foster exceptional creativity.

Using all senses: A key element of visioning is to use all five senses as fully as possible, along with a good dose of intuition.

They are well informed: they soak up information and ideas to shape their thinking and remain aware of possibilities.

Non-belief: Great visionaries operate at a higher level when looking to the future, leaving limiting beliefs out of the equation.

Evangelize: Once they have their vision in mind, they share it passionately, always remaining open to new input and ideas.

When you involve the right people in crafting your business vision and implementing it, you improve both the vision and the outcome. It pays to hire an experienced business coach to help develop, challenge, propagate and implement your vision with an outside perspective. See also Business Vision Statements About the Author Harry Hayden is an experienced business coach. Earlier in his career, he led multinational sales groups across Europe for several large companies. He helps business leaders develop and implement their compelling growth strategies. Harry is the managing director of Perform Business Coaching. Accounting Consulting Firms in Australia


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