We at Agent Host are convinced that to make a difference on the market you need to present yourself with style, be innovative and above all capture the user’s attention with an original design and captivating contents.

To prove it, we decided to completely redesign our official website https://agent-host.com/ , which went online after many days of work and hundreds of meticulous tests.

Presenting the Agent Host website is a good excuse to talk about responsive web design and creativity , in our opinion the essential ingredients for those involved in web marketing and online communication.

Understanding which aspects to invest in and where to channel resources and energy is important, so we want to give you some ideas starting from our experience.


A responsive website is accessible to everyone

We will never tire of repeating it: you are browsing more and more from devices that differ in screen size and resolution, so if your site is not also optimized for smartphones and tablets you will automatically lose visits and potential customers.

As we explained in a previous post , responsive design allows the pages of a site to adapt according to the device used by the user, providing an excellent user experience even for those who surf on the move .

In this way the website displayed even on a small screen does not lose important elements and contents and perhaps takes advantage of the features of the device, such as the touch screen functionality .

For a practical example, try to browse the Agent Host site from different PCs, Macs or mobile devices, you will see that compatibility is total .


The watchword is to stand out

Having a dynamic site, characterized by a refined design, rich in non-trivial content, is the right choice to convey a message and stand out from competitors.

An original site that stands out for its look & feel strikes the user and remains etched in the memory .

This is the reason why in agent host we have focused a lot on aesthetics, which for us represents a primary aspect of communication , developing a site of great impact and technologically advanced, with attention to detail, with illustrations and animations created specifically for each page and a highly recognizable style, both from a graphic and colorimetric point of view, and for the fonts used.

Creating a site of this kind is very demanding, but effort and creativity always bring positive results: the agent host site, in fact, has already received numerous awards from the most prestigious international web design sites .

These awards are important in terms of authority and gratification, but at the same time they represent the confirmation that quality pays , an incentive to always give the best.

Awards and acknowledgments as best web design

This is an overview of the awards and mentions achieved by the new agent host site in recent weeks: CSS Winner , one of the best known and most respected sites in the field of web design, marks us as Site of the Day ; on Aww wards, agent host obtained a nomination from the prestigious international jury (made up of designers, art directors, developers and graphic designers) and an excellent average of votes from users; a nomination from CSS Awards , another portal that selects the best sites developed with CSS.

Other certificates have come from Nice One! I like it! , CSS Legend , which awarded agent host as Best Website, CSS Mosaic , a portal based in France that collects only the most original design sites, CSS Mania , which mentioned us as the best site of the day, and Graphic Design Junction , which cited us as one of the most successful examples of responsive design.

These reports have a multiple function: on the one hand they recognize the work of web designers, whose talent is evaluated by industry experts who carry out in-depth analysis of the proposed sites, on the other hand these portals provide authority, visibility and quality backlinks.

Thanks to all these mentions and awards, our site has in fact obtained thousands of visits from all over the world , received dozens of requests for quotations and improved its link popularity , which is a fundamental requirement for obtaining a good organic ranking on search engines .

In other words, choosing to invest to build a quality site from scratch instead of buying pre cooked templates , in addition to making your online identity unique, can also bring an advantageous return from various points of view.



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