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Curtain Cleaning in Sydney – How do I clean my curtains?

Curtains do more than just keep the light out; they also add style. Your drapery, as an essential detail in your home, can bring a touch of luxury, color, and fun to a room. They do, however, easily gather dust and stains, so you’ll need to curtain cleaning in Sydney regularly to keep them looking new.

Curtain Cleaning in Sydney

However, it’s not as simple as pulling them down and throwing them in the washing machine. Before you start curtain cleaning in Sydney, there are a few things to keep in mind.

General curtain cleaning tips

Although the following tips apply to most curtains, some may have special cleaning instructions that you should always follow first.

– Before

Curtains need different types of care depending on the cloth. If the care instructions state that you can machine wash them, the safest alternative is to use a cold cycle with a mild detergent.

Hand-washing your curtains is generally preferable because certain details or embellishments may be destroyed by a machine, even though the fabric is machine-washable. Always wash them by hand if you’re unsure. Any fragile fabrics, trimmings, or pleats will be protected.

Begin by thoroughly removing all hooks, rings, and trims from your windows. Leaving any hooks in your curtains may cause the fabric to tear while being washed.

Before washing, it’s a good thing to check for colorfastness. To do so, test a small region on the hem’s reverse side. It’s also worth noting that curtain cleaning in Sydney will cause them to shrink by up to 5% in size.

– During

A bathtub is more convenient for handwashing than a laundry basin because it has more space.

Even on the stubbornness stains, avoid using bleach. You should also avoid soaking, rubbing, or wringing your curtains; mild treatment is the best way to keep them in good shape.

– After

The easiest way to dry your shades is to hang them in the shade by their hooks. Wet curtains can be very cumbersome, so make sure they’re hung from a strong line. Avoid tossing them in the dryer, hanging them on the line, or using pegs to avoid unsightly folds or marks.

You can warm iron your curtains on the cloth side once they’re dry (and if the fabric permits it) or simply hang them back up. Any creases would inevitably fall out due to the weight of the curtains.

You should use a vacuum cleaner attachment to keep your curtains dust-free in between cleanings.

Cleaning a variety of curtain types

Cleaning specs differ depending on the type of curtain. Follow these instructions based on the drapery you have in your house.

– Unlined curtains

Curtains that aren’t lined are normally low-maintenance and can be cleaned at home.

Hand-washing them in lukewarm water is the fastest method.

– Curtains with lining

We suggest dry-cleaning (P30) lined curtains with a dry-cleaner who specializes in curtain fabrics because they are tricky to wash.

If you’re going to wash your lined curtains yourself, make sure the curtain and the lining are made of different materials. When there are different fabrics in your curtains, washing them will cause one side to shrink, causing them to pucker. Remove the lining and wash it individually if possible.

Wash in lukewarm water with a mild detergent.

– Voile curtains

Because voile curtains are typically made of lighter fabrics than other kinds, they are easier to remove and hand-wash in lukewarm water.

Once dry, you can give voile curtains a warm iron.

– Thermal backed curtains

Hand-wash thermal-backed curtains in cold water, being careful not to snag the thermal coating.

Don’t rub or wring the curtains as you wash them.

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