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Dental Implantology

THE ADVANTAGES: Durable with optimum results. You have lost or are about to lose one, several, or even all of your teeth.

Implants can change your life

There are various solutions to replace missing teeth with, depending on the case, technical, functional or aesthetic limitations and possible psychological consequences for you.

Dental implants are often the therapeutic solution of choice.

What is an implant?

In the case of a dental implant, it is a small titanium device that is used to replace the tooth root of a missing natural tooth. The implant will be placed in the upper or lower jaw, welds to the bone over time and will serve as a support for the replacement of the tooth. This means that a dental implantation involves a strong and durable support for the replacement of the tooth.

Does it hurt?

The placement of a dental implant is done in an atraumatic manner. For comparison, having a dental implant is much less painful than extracting a tooth.

Have I been told I can’t have a dental implant?

There is no age limit for having dental implants. In all cases, a pre-implant examination is necessary to carry out a personalized study and prosthetic treatment corresponding to you. A dental scanner can be considered to check several elements (bone volume, infections, fracture of a root or impacted tooth, etc.). Generally, the number of implants varies depending on the number of teeth to be replaced. An oral and sometimes clinical check-up should be planned before considering surgery and the placement of dental implants.

Have I been told I don’t have enough bones?

In the event that there is not enough bone, there are alternative solutions such as filling the missing bone volume with a substitute or using short implants.

Is this safe?

Rigorous, proven and controlled protocols guarantee you an adapted job, with around 95% success. Otherwise, it only delays the initial treatment plant.

It is possible and under certain conditions to get new fixed teeth within one day or the next. Strict and proven surgical protocols, associated with clinical setbacks and the latest technological advances, allow us to offer you this type of treatment with cosmetic dental surgeon in Lahore.

This requires a preliminary study and this type of intervention is not for everyone. The predictability of this treatment offers advantages.

In certain specific cases, modern implantology validates the completion of the graft, the placement of implants and the placement of prostheses immediately. This act is made easier under general anesthesia.

With one or two consultations, it is possible to schedule surgery and new teeth on the same day.

Contact our team for more information.

Of course, there are alternatives to dental implants, such as a dental bridge, a stellite, a full or partial denture and many more. Do not hesitate to ask for more information from our cosmetic dental surgeon in Lahore.

Dental implant candidates

If you are missing a single tooth, or all of your teeth, implants may be a good solution for you. Dental implantation can give fantastic results. If you are low on bone height, then a sinus lift, or transplant, may be necessary. If you have a small bridge or a removable device, implants will be a good alternative. We can perform all these acts under general anesthesia or under sedation.


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