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Do you want to Delete a Print job in Windows 10?

Who does not know it? In Windows 10, “Print” was clicked on a document, only to find out that the print layout was not correct. Perhaps the document is scaled too small or 100 copies were mistakenly set instead of 10 copies. But don’t worry! In the following we will show you different ways to cancel a print job.

  • Delete print job: Via the print queue
  • Delete print job: by hand
  • Delete print job: Via the Windows services
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Delete print job: Via the Print Queue

As soon as printing has started, a small printer icon appears in the lower right of the taskbar. You may need to click the “Show More” arrow on the bar to see it.

Double click on the icon. How to get to the overview of devices and printers. Double-click the printer you used to print the document. In most cases it is the standard printer, which is also marked with a green check mark. An overview of the current print jobs opens.

Right-click on the print job you want to cancel. You can also click “Cancel” here to delete the print job from the queue.

Instead of canceling the job completely, you can stop or restart it. For example, you might want to do this if you notice that one of your ink cartridges is empty while printing.

By the way: If you not only click on a print job, but select all jobs while holding the [Shift] key, you can also carry out these actions for all print jobs at the same time.

Delete Print job: by Hand

There is another good method, especially for private individuals: Many printers have a stop button (not to be confused with the on / off button). If you notice that something is wrong with the print and the removal from the queue also does not work fast enough, you can press the stop button. The printer will then stop printing immediately. If you hold the button down for a moment, the printer will automatically output the piece of paper you are writing to. The print job is then automatically deleted from the queue in Windows 10.

Delete print job: Via the Windows services

Follow our step-by-step guide or take a look at the quick guide.

Step 1: Search for “Services” in the start menu. Right-click it and then click “Run as administrator”. A new window is opening up.

2nd step: Right-click the “Print Queue” service. Then click “Finish”.

3rd step: Open Windows Explorer and enter the following path into the bar at the top: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ spool \ PRINTERS You can simply copy and paste this. If your Windows is not installed in the C drive but on a different hard drive, you have to adjust the letter at the beginning accordingly. Delete the entire contents of the PRINTERS folder.

4th step: Now return to the Services window (see step 1). Select the Print Queue service and right click on it. Then click “Start”. Your print queue is now active again, but all print jobs have been deleted from it.

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