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Embracing a hoodie: The friendly side of custom hoodies

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s infamous advice that we should all “wear a hoodie” has been widely publicized and debated. Following the London riots, it has come under renewed scrutiny. Hoodies have developed all sorts of negative connotations, at least among the older generation. However, many young people do not understand why this is so.

For many perfectly law-abiding young people, the humble hoodie is a warm, comfortable garment and nothing more. Custom hoodies are especially popular with the younger generation because they are a great way to show your support for a club, team, group or cause. Many young people get hoodies made as a souvenir of their school days or fun group trips. Hoodies are often used as a reminder of positive experiences. So why do hoodie wearers have such a bad reputation?

One possibility is that, although the vast majority of young people wear hoodies, only those who are in trouble are publicized. This could lead older people to think that only young thugs and criminals wear hoodies. It could mean that all hoodies, even the friendly, custom hoodies, are unfairly judged and denigrated.

Meeting friendly youth wearing custom hoodies, or hoodies in general, might help older generations realize that the image of dangerous, out-of-control youth in hoodies is not the norm.

Another thing that might make people wary of hoodie wearers, whether they are wearing custom hoodies or not, is the fitness and style of hoodies and promotional sweatshirts. I’m sure you’ve seen signs in store windows that say “NO SHELLS IN STORE.” The fact that hoodies have a hood may seem obvious, but it is something that can make people nervous because it hides the face of the wearer.

Images in the media of faceless gangs of youth in hoodies, even custom ones, can seem particularly threatening simply because their faces are hidden. When you can’t see the faces of large groups, it can seem scary because of the lack of human connection. But mostly, this prejudice against the humble hoodie is a media construct mixed with a bit of class snobbery and fear of youth….. an unpleasant cocktail when you think about it.

Why not show that custom hoodies are just as fun, adorable, stylish and friendly as other clothing. Since custom hoodies are fully customizable, you can use them to spread the message you want. Use custom hoodies to show off your school, college or club pride.




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