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Essential Tips for Curtain Cleaning in Sydney

Curtains provide a final touch to every reception room or bedroom, but they’re always ignored before spring cleaning time because it’s difficult to know where to begin. To assist you, we’ve put together this guide on how to wash all styles of curtains, even heavy fabrics that might need special attention. Curtain Cleaning in Sydney doesn’t have to be a hassle if you take care of them daily.

Curtain Cleaning in Sydney


People always inquire, “Can your machine wash curtains?” Yes, but only under such situations. Many curtains have a washing sticker, so look for that and read the manufacturer’s instructions before you start. These directions will teach you about curtain cleaning in Sydney correctly and will inform you whether or not you should throw them in the laundry machine and at what temperature.

If in question, lightweight materials that don’t hold a lot of water, like hemp, will normally be washed in the washing machine with regular detergent. Select the ‘delicates’ cycle or a cool wash with a slower spin cycle. In temperatures as low as 30°C, Persil small & mighty performs admirably.

If you’re curious how to wash net curtains, just treat them like any other lightweight cloth. Have a decent pre-wash stain remover on hand in case they’ve been discolored or stained from the windows or been treated, and consider washing them in a laundry bag or pillowcase to avoid drum distress.


If your curtains are made of fragile materials and you’re concerned about them getting broken or creasing, handwashing them is a better choice that will reduce the risk of this occurring. Persil Handwash Powder, which cleans well at low temperatures, can be used to hand wash delicate curtains. It’s better to wash the curtains in parts and avoid losing a place if you use the bath or a big sink. Again, stop allowing the cloth to get waterlogged, and follow the instructions on the washing label for the proper water temperature.


If you are curtain cleaning in Sydney by machine or by hand, make sure to dry them thoroughly to prevent mold and musty odors. If possible, line dries your curtains on a dry, sunny day with a strong wind to allow as much air as possible to circulate them. However, direct sunlight can fade certain colors or fabrics, so avoid placing them in a bright area of the garden. Alternatively, you should tumble dry your curtains on a low setting if the washing mark allows it.

To prevent wrinkles, cut them when they’re 95 percent dry and let them air dry naturally. Check the wash mark and iron on the recommended setting if your curtains are crinkly after a line or tumble drying. When curtain cleaning in Sydney, one of the most significant factors is drying time. Large volumes of thick cloth will absorb a lot of water, causing the curtains to take a long time to dry and perhaps become musty. Steam curtain cleaning is also the best option for these materials.


If you’re thinking to yourself, “How much do I wash my curtains?” There isn’t a simple solution. We suggest deep cleaning them twice a year, but if your home is susceptible to dust or odors, you can need to scrub them more regularly. Once a week, go over them with your vacuum brush attachment to help keep them looking cleaner for longer. This will aid in the removal of surface particles, allowing you to enjoy cleaner-looking curtains for longer.

Curtain Cleaning in Sydney

Those dependable curtains do their job all year, but they do need some attention now and then. Clean Couches Sydney spoke with Furnishings, a curtain expert, to learn some helpful hints for curtain cleaning in Sydney.

What is an easy measure I can take to keep my curtains in good shape?

To avoid dust build-up, vacuum them softly with a brush attachment.

Are there different cleaning instructions depending on the fabric or type of curtain?

Yes, really. Different fabrics and styles of curtains, including clothes, will need various treatments. In the first case, always follow the detailed care directions for your curtains if they are available. If you’re unsure, take your curtains to a professional dry cleaner.

I want to clean my curtains myself, how should I go about it?

Remove all pins, rings, and trims from the curtains. Untie the heading cords and loosen the pleats for pencil pleat curtains.

Hand washes with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Instead of using the washing tub, we consider taking a drink. If you’re worried about colorfastness, begin by checking a small area on the backside of the hem.

It’s critical not to allow the thermal coating on thermal curtains to bind to itself.

Bleach, soak, wring, or tumble dry are not recommended.

Using no pegs or fold the clothesline over. Instead, hang the curtains to dry in the shade by their hooks.

Warm iron or hang again, allowing any creases to come out naturally.

If you have any cleaning ideas for Venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds should be dusted or vacuumed with the brush attachment daily. Wipe away any stains or dust with a moist (not wet) cloth and mild detergent.

If you have any cleaning ideas for roller blinds?

This, like curtains, is dependent on the type of cloth, and you can first consult the manufacturer’s instructions. Sunscreen and blackout roller blinds will typically be washed clean with a damp rag. A normal vacuum with a brush attachment is important for woven fabrics.

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