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A wedding is a special ocean for family members and friends. A wedding ceremony is always a memorable event of life. Innovative event expert Wedding Planner is well managed and prioritizes the valuable principles that are performed as part of a wedding. It puts the emphasis on excellence while ensuring that everything is structured and implemented in a perfect way. Ieventexpert Planners will make it easy for you because we take care of you with a service that guarantees a flawless opportunity.

First, we salute you for a wonderful day in your life. Everything like that creating a wedding can be a very long process. We know that all the problems and stress associated with preparing for one of the most important occasions in your life – we suppress them. Your personalized program is designed to relieve a large number of requests and complications and help you enjoy every moment of the wedding preparation.

Hiring a good wedding planner does not mean that you are forced to work in a field while someone else makes all the choices for you. We can coordinate with everything you create all the choices and our suggestions are just that: guarantee that everything about marriage is exactly what you want.

Our services are unique for you and compared to conventional offers, we create your program; you choose what you want on our advice. We can accompany you from the first place to your last wedding ceremony.

Wedding Events

Birthday parties Corporates Events

School Events

Dance Parties


Sound System and DJs


Bridal Stage with Decor and Theme

Wooden and Acrylic Dance Floor

Decorated Horse Carriages

Movie Maker and Photography

Car Decoration Service

Room Decoration

Sofa Sets and Seating Arrangements


With great experience, the event organizer is available online and offline. We offer a one-stop shop for all the needs of the event and a perfect planner. I-event expert Caterers and event management companies in Lahore are working well and maintaining their goodwill. A native organization in Lahore that provides comprehensive services, unique event preparation features. Our work is also increasing in the surrounding areas of Lahore. We know how much value your event has.


Nowadays, marriage preparation companies compete in this modern era. It is highly recommended to use a well-known wedding planner, even if you do not want to be stressed. The benefits of choosing a good wedding planner in Lahore help family members save your time, money and stress. There are a number of wedding planners in Lahore and the hard part is choosing the best wedding planner in Lahore. You can not contact everyone for meetings such as catering, flowering, photography, filmmaker, dance floor, DJ and lighting, etc.


Ieventexpert catering services in Lahore offer you all kinds of delicious and delicious food for your event and meet all your catering needs. We have the best formula for drinks and foods that can enhance the taste of your and your guest. We have a wide variety of food.


If you are looking for a professional birthday planner in Lahore, you are in the right place. We have an expert in birthday planning, our team who can design your birthday with stylish effects and can tackle your event from A to Z. After hiring us, you will feel relaxed and all your burden will be on our shoulders. Birthday Planner for the memorable birthday party.

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