A healthy bone structure is important for everyone to lead a fit lifestyle. This is especially true for women who are either working or taking care of their household. As a woman, you have to handle a variety of tasks on a daily basis, and for this reason, it is important to keep your bones healthy. Women who are over the age of 30 need to take extra care of their health because this is the time when they reach their highest bone mass. Women who do not have enough bone mass can suffer from various diseases such as brittle bones. We spoke to some of the best doctors in Dubai and asked their opinion on how women can take better care of their bones. Here are some tips for all working women who want to take care of their bones and build healthy ones.

Eat more vegetables

You need to know that vegetables are very good for your bones. It contains many minerals and also vitamins. These white side dishes are extremely important to improve the overall health and mineral density of your bones. They are also responsible for increasing the total calcium and mineral content in your bones. Eating plenty of vegetables will ensure that you do not suffer from problems such as brittle bones or low bone mass. This is especially beneficial for women at an older age. Some of the vegetables that you can consume daily to maintain your bone health are broccoli, cabbage and other green leafy vegetables.

Exercise regularly

While regular exercise is important for everyone, it is highly beneficial for women over the age of 30 as it can help improve overall bone health. Some of the exercises that you can do are strength training and power exercises. These exercises help to strengthen the bones in your body, thus protecting you from unwanted diseases.

Eat plenty of protein

Another easy way to maintain the health of your bones is to eat plenty of protein every day. It would surprise you to know that your bones are made up of almost 50% protein. Therefore, people who consume less protein are more likely to suffer from bone problems than people who consume a lot of protein.

These important tips will surely help you improve your bone health, especially if you are a middle-aged woman. Make sure that you also do some amount of physical exercise to ensure good bone health. For more tips, you can visit the doctors at some of the Neurology hospital in Dubai.

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