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Home Dental Scaling: Guide and Comparison

Tartar is a danger to the teeth it colonizes. A cozy nest for bacteria, it must be regularly eradicated by the dentist. However, between two descaling operations, you can take action to prevent its formation.

Idealsmiledentistry.pk guides you on the solution to adopt, neither too soft nor too hard, so that it is effective, without taking the risk of damaging your teeth. Here is our opinion on dental scalers.

Home descaling

Health insurance allows you to have two scalings per year at the dentist. Between these sessions, you can use – always in moderation – the recipes of grandmothers which are unfortunately quite unpleasant. The sodium bicarbonate mentioned above, powdered black charcoal on the same principle, or the mouthwash based on white vinegar and lemon juice.

You now have commercially available descaling kits based on the tools of the professional dentist. They are safe for your teeth, but also safe for handling. When you intervene yourself, your gesture is not always assured, especially the first few times. With these kits, even if you make a mistake in handling, you do not risk injuring yourself, and you help strengthen good oral hygiene.

Ideal Smile Dentistry has selected for you the three most advanced and effective teeth scaling and polishing in Lahore. We have provided our opinion for each of the three dental scalers.

Where can you find the best price ultrasonic dental scaler? We also put forward links to the products in question.

For each appliance, once your session is finished, brush your teeth or pass the dental jet to evacuate all the small particles of tartar that have been unhooked.

The manual polisher

The manual polisher is the cheapest tool and the simplest in design. Its toothbrush-like handle offers a good grip, with a small silicone plate for slip resistance. It’s made of PP plastic, which means it’s quite stiff, but flexible enough that it won’t break when you put a little pressure on it.

Its head has a fine-grained black tip that allows it to squeeze everywhere and dislodge tartar on and between the teeth.

You can use it safely at home; this device cleans freshly formed tartar plaques well. However, you should not wait until large plaques have formed.

Breett Descaling Kit

The Breett scaler really looks like a dentist’s tool. Its handle is comparable to that of an electric toothbrush, with a stainless steel tip instead of the brush. The tip is not too sharp, so you don’t risk injuring yourself.

Breett is a battery operated power tool so you don’t have to worry about its cord. It is totally waterproof. When you’re done with your session, just rinse it off under running water.

The handle is non-slip to ensure a good grip and its turquoise color brings a little freshness to your bathroom.

Designed on the same principle as the dentist’s scaler, you must position the tip in the place to be cleaned and choose between its 5 vibration speeds. The tartar thus abused is quickly detached. You immediately see the effects with the stains disappearing and your teeth becoming smooth again.

Having a choice of 5 speeds allows you to adjust the vibrations depending on the extent of the tartar plaque formed and its location in the mouth. The curved tip gives you access to all parts of the teeth.

The price of Breett remains largely affordable compared to the services it provides.


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