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Virtual servers have become very common in the last eight and ten years. With each year the prices of virtual servers go down and become more affordable for users. VPS hosting is the best solution for each site because it provides the security and functionality of a dedicated server, but at a much lower price. This is because with this hosting resources are shared between two virtual servers, so the user pays the resources as much as he needs. VPS allows full access to the operating system, just as with a dedicated server.

This allows the user to set up the server software according to its own requirements, so that it can manage and protect the data stored on it. VPS is similar to shared hosting due to the use of server resources simultaneously by two users, but there is one major difference. With shared hosting, the separation of resources occurs within a single operating system, while each user can have a separate operating system using only separate resources.

There is a big difference because in one operating system resources can not be effectively separated between users. There’s always a moment when the user affects the performance of the entire server and disrupts its work that affects all other websites. This can not happen with the VPS with the virtualization program set up correctly. Virtualization such as KVM allows efficient separation of resources, so that one VPS can not disturb another, even though the same physical device is used.

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Virtual servers can also be separated into types:

Traditional, unreliable virtual servers – With this type of server, one physical device is used to reliably deliver all system resources to the virtual servers on which it runs. If the array of disks is wrong, all virtual servers will stop working until the problem is resolved. This can take from a few hours to a day or two, depending on which data you need to restore.
Virtual servers with high reliability – These are virtual servers, part of the cloud infrastructure, where disk resources are delivered to physical servers via a separate network that is used only for SANs – Storage Area Network. The storage of the mainframe or SAN servers is stored with double security at each level, so that if a defect occurs, there will be no inconvenience to the service. Reliable, high-performance virtual servers are the most recent and reliable solution you can choose to host your website.

If a problem occurs in a device, using the physical device from which you get hardware resources, the virtual server may start literally in minutes, from another physical device. This is possible by storing the available central disk for each physical server in the cloud group. This technique is used by some of the most popular sites and companies in the whole world. Not only is it related to security and reliability, but it’s also efficient because it allows you to pay for as much of your resources as possible while at the same time being able to upgrade / reduce system resources for your default server at any given time. Adding more resources to the custom server requires actual work. With cloud hosting this process is automatic.
Virtual servers, and more importantly cloud virtual servers, are becoming more common, the most widely used hosting solution that users migrate. It is the latest and most effective discovery of mankind in the field of hosting services. All large hosting companies use cloud services in whole or in part.

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Features and disadvantages:

This is the last part where we will evaluate the pros and cons of different types of hosting services. We will mention cases that are suitable for them and cases that do not fit. Will be useful when it comes to choosing a hosting solution for your website. I will sympathize with the main advantages and disadvantages, so that it is easier to make the right decision.
Shared hosting
low price
Server Manager is included
No need to manage devices


Lack of high level of security – With shared hosting on one server there are thousands of websites. Each one of them can be hacked by using a password that is easy to guess and scripts that do not contain the latest scripts. This provides the hacker with easy access to the server where your data is stored. Through local access to the server, it is easier for an intruder to penetrate sites on it, rather than doing so remotely. With a shared hosting server, your website’s security and information depends on the security of other websites that use your server.

The risk of blocking your connection – with shared hosting All sites on the server use the same IP to send emails. When a website is hacked and used to send spam, the server’s IP address enters the spam filters and blocks your messages. For this reason, they are either obtained in junk mail folders from recipients or are not delivered at all.
Lack of secure resources – Shared hosting can guarantee a small amount of system resources that will always be available to your website. At any one time the sites on the server can be overused and disturb their performance. Thanks to this, your website loads slowly or does not load at all.

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