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It is obvious that you are asking yourself the question, how much does it cost to create an e-commerce site in 2021? A simple question and yet it is impossible to give a precise answer. Because in reality each company has its own particularity. Indeed, everything depends on several factors; the size of the company, its strategy, its budget and its deadlines.

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You have to think in terms of the profitability of your investment. If I invest € 4000 in a website, how much will it earn me? Because to earn money you have to invest.

What should be considered in 2021 for the creation of a website?

First of all, you have to see everything that costs money when creating a website . So, to build a web page, you have to start with visibility . The fact that you have a website without anyone knowing it will not help. You must therefore devote part of your budget to making your website visible. This through essential tools to optimize your e-commerce. In this case, SEO natural referencing which will allow you to be more noticeable on search engines, advertising on SEA search engines allows you to highlight your site and SMO social media optimization which develops the visibility of your virtual business through social media.

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Your success starts long before your online store is designed

Before you start designing your website , you need to answer several questions: among others; Who is the site for? What is its purpose ? How should it be perceived by users? Do they quickly and easily find what they are looking for on your site? What colors to use? As well as other useful questions for a good design. First, you’ll need to define the “typical” people who are supposed to buy your products. Then, start the construction of a coherent and ergonomic plan in order to avoid any construction defect of the web page. Finally, it is essential to use a graphic charter to be credible with your customers.

The technical variable defines the cost of your e-commerce in 2021

Your e-commerce must work perfectly! For this, you must take into account the hosting of your site: you can start with basic hosting, not too expensive. But, if the number of visitors grows, you will be forced to move to more substantial accommodation, and therefore more expensive. You must also choose the right Domain Name because it is invariable. You must also focus on securing your online store , which is essential for all transactions carried out on the Internet. As well as the loading speed which greatly impacts the customer experience. As you can see, it’s a lot of work!

In summary, it is impossible to answer your question simply: how much will an e-commerce site cost in 2021? With multiple variables to consider, the price of your website will depend on many factors. The objectives of your site, the target customers, the technique, the security, the architecture… A website costs money, but efficiency has no price.

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