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How to cook Basmati Rice?

When some guests arrive at home. And, then you start pondering about which food to cook. Which will not consume much time. The best decision for serving your guests is with Basmati Rice. In addition, they will continue to lick their fingers with pleasure. But, before gathering appraisals from everyone. And getting a place in everyone’s heart with the magic of delicious food. First, it is important to learn How to cook Basmati Rice. Not anyone needs to apply some hard and fast rules. Or, any kind of specific formula which makes your rice delicious and tasty. Practice the following recipe again and again until you do not feel that you have become an expert at cooking rice.

Required material for cooking rice:

  • First of all Basmati Rice ( the required amount which you want to cook)
  • Some water ( for one bowl ¾ cup is enough)
  • Add butter. (depends upon your taste)
  • Add some salt.

The procedure of Cooking:

If you have a bowl of medium size and want to cook a meal for one time. Then, it is necessary to rinse it properly before cooking. The person who needs to cook rice in the finest way. Shall repeat this procedure four different times. Consequently, the excess starch will remove from Basmati Rice. And, it will taste more delicious and would even provide health benefits. You need to have just some amount of water for cooking rice. Furthermore, you can fill your medium-size bowl up to 2 inches. And wash rice properly while using your hands. When you need to remove water from your bowl. You need to do it in a careful manner. That the grains of rice shall remain in your bowl. Make sure that, not even a single particle of grain wastes from the bowl.

Use of Salt and Butter:

Add some amount of butter and salt. This is actually the finishing touch of your cooking rice. The use of these two ingredients defines your skills in cooking. Moreover, this technique will create a taste in your hands. The one which would be different from others.

Important points to keep in mind while cooking:

The utensil which you use for cooking rice. Close its lid tightly. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes and your rice will become ready to serve. Next time when guests arrive to meet you. Then do not disturb neighbors by asking How to cook Basmati Rice? Try this task of your own. And spread happiness with your hospitality.

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