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How to Deal with Challenging Clients In SEO Consultancy


Do not get close enough to the client

Once again, I’m going to raise my hand to this one. I have never been a fan of using the phone and probably never will be, but I have improved in recent months. The point of what I am saying here is that you can not rely on email alone to keep up with your customers and expect to know what is happening in your business. Only face-to-face conversations and conversations on the phone can do it for you.

If you work at home, do not get away with yours!

When working in the company, you should still try to get close to the people you need to help you do things. These can be developers, designers or writers. You need to know how they like to work so they can do things for you. If the Senior Developer in your company is not a morning person, then do not go and ask them to rewrite 3000 URLs for you at 9 am. They probably look at you like that.

Whoever matters in your company or client, you should be close to them. Find out who matters and who makes the decisions later. An excellent way to do this is to work from a client’s office for a day or even a few hours. Seeing how they work and attending meetings can be very valuable in determining the best way to do things.

What surprised me in this case is that simply being close (even if you are doing another client job) has a lot of value for the client. You can help staff know that you are there and can answer questions instantly instead of by email. In addition, the mere fact of being in meetings where SEO is discussed can help SEO to change a bit in the agenda and you have the perfect opportunity to argue your point. It can also be there when the developers start the SEO tasks so that they can answer questions immediately and make sure the changes are implemented correctly.


  • Talk to your client either by phone or in person at least once a week
  • Work from your client’s office once every few weeks.

The customer does not like you

Yes, this is also your fault

I think this is weird, but it can happen. After all, the client has come to you to help him with his SEO, so they should be very welcoming and like to have him on board. However, there are cases in which there may be some resistance to their presence:

  • There is already an internal Marketing / SEO person who feels that their position is threatened
  • Developers or designers are concerned that their full workload is about to increase due to you

There are a couple of ways to overcome the resistance of these people.

Internal SEO or marketing people: make them look good

If there is already an internal person, it is totally understandable that you may feel threatened by you. So, try to reassure them that you are not looking to get rid of them and assert the fact that for an SEO campaign to be successful, it needs your help more than anyone else. Keep them involved from the beginning and work with them as much as you can, this is a classic example of where working in a client’s office can reward them.

Another tip here: make them look good in front of their boss. Ask them to work on something that they can then show their boss, who can slap them on the back. This can really help your morale too. Asking them for help with a task can also make you like them.

Developers, writers, etc. – Show the results of the work they did.

In terms of other team members, such as developers, designers or writers, the approach is similar. With developers, do not drop a large list of jobs on your desk at one time unless they request it. They are busy people, so it may be better to just give them some small jobs initially and let them see the results, when they can see the value of what they are doing and see that “hey, this SEO really works,” then it’s easier to give them bigger jobs to do.

When it comes to writers, it can be very easy to demonstrate the value of your work. Just show them Analytics statistics about the traffic your content receives, the tweets about its content or the links it generated. These statistics can be a great motivator to participate with your efforts.


  • Make your client look good in front of his boss to help him with you
  • Inform people when they perform a job that results in increased traffic or links, etc. CC in your boss also in an email.

You did not own the problems

This is great for any project. It is nice and easy to appropriate the solutions. We all love to propose a great new idea for a client and then manage that idea to complete it. But what happens when something goes wrong? Do you appropriate that too? There are not many SEO projects that do not have problems at some point, so taking ownership of the problems and making sure they are resolved is important.

The last thing you should do is see a problem and assume that someone else will take care of it.

When a problem arises, make sure the solution is on someone’s to-do list. This should ensure that the problem is resolved.


  • Do not wait for someone else to take care of problems, put it on your own to-do list or make sure you’re in someone else’s shoes.

You did not work close enough to other agencies

It is quite common for several agencies to work for one of their clients. You could have the following:

  • SEO

  • PPC

  • PR

  • Developers

  • Junk mail

  • Affiliate management

Sometimes you can make recommendations that can lead to tasks for another agency to implement. The previous common has been for developers. But let’s take another example. Maybe you are working with another public relations agency that is being employed by your client.

As I’m sure many of you know, public relations work can result in some fantastic high-quality links. But not all public relations agencies know SEO and the value of links. Therefore, they may be receiving many brand mentions online from their URL, but they do not intend to continue with a call to see if it can be converted into a direct link. This is where you should be proactive in working with them to ensure that the client gets the most SEO possible from all the agencies he works with.

Working well with other agencies and getting to know them is as important as knowing the customer. Once again, you should make an effort to approach them and see how they work. A good idea here is to set up the regular calls of “all agencies” where you can keep up to date on your work and get status updates of the things you have requested. Work closely with them so you do not end up like this boy:


  • Have a weekly status update with the agencies you work with to verify the tasks assigned to you

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