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How to Get More Followers on TikTok

Top 10 Ways in 2020

TikTok, a popular Chinese app, has apparently attracted the attention of millions of people from all corners of the world. This support allows you to generate videos and share them. Users have been trying to be seen by millions and gain more popularity. Are you also looking to find out how to get more Followers on TikTok and become famous on this rather fledgling social media platform? You are in the right place!


In this blog, we talked about the top 10 ways to grow your account to stand out among other users and increase TikTok followers.


1- Complete your Profile

Your profile photo is the first thing your likely followers see, which is why selecting an eye-catching one is crucial. The positive feeling your profile reflects encourages others to follow you. Also, writing a short sentence that shows the type of business and personal information helps them get to know you better. Make sure you add your Instagram profile and Youtube channel if you have any, this also encourages your followers to check on you on these two platforms, which may eventually bring you followers on those platforms as well.

2- A new day, a new post

To stay in touch with your followers, you need to be active; therefore, this will be fine if you post a new video every day. Plus, it shows how important your followers are to you and gives them a sense of pure joy. Accounts with a low activity rate gradually seem boring and less attractive to other users.


3- Quality is the Priority

If you want to make people more eager to follow you, a simple but effective technique is generating high quality videos. This technique ultimately leads to getting more followers. Videos with low quality followers disturb and avoid watching the rest, no matter how excellent your topic is.


4- Use a TikTok Bot


Let’s put it as simple as possible. People check their notifications, maybe 10 times a day, to see who they liked or commented on their posts. If you are among those notifications, they are very likely to check your profile, interact with you, and follow your page if they like your posts. This follower is real and active, which is the best type of follower.


a TikTok Bot, automate your activities like Like, Comment and Follow, create engagements with hundreds of users every day. Guess what, you are in user notifications and have up to a 30% chance of being followed by that user.


If you have never used a bot before, we recommend that you try the 3-day free trial of Instarazzo TikTok Bot. No credit card required and results are promised.


5- Social Media, Multiple Follower Doors

This is the best and easiest way to motivate a wide range of people to follow you. For example, you can simply post one of your TikTok videos on Instagram and make your followers aware of your presence on TikTok. Sure, you will get the feedback you expect. Other social media platforms will do the same, try to leverage them as much as possible to get more followers on TikTok.


6- Choose a Suitable Music

Obviously, the song you choose should fit the selected topic or the type of activity you intend to perform; otherwise, it looks a bit disharmonious. The use of lovely and popular music keeps people watching the video through to the end. Also, some may watch the video again and again simply because they love the music you have chosen.


7- Use Hashtags

Try to use the appropriate hashtags. Using relevant hashtags can get others to see your video when they’re looking for a particular topic. To get the most out of it, it is recommended to use hashtags that are most popular and exciting among people. By using hashtags, you can increase TikTok followers wherever you want.


8- Don’t forget the challenges (Challenge)

People tend to watch various videos about recent challenges. Many users take part in it, and a considerable number of people also follow the challengers to watch their further videos. So, this trick could work to increase the number of followers. The challenges are exciting, and most people enjoy watching exciting videos. Therefore, your video gets a lot of views quickly and increases the chance of having more followers.


9- Innovation is Miracle

If you want to be the center of attention, you should provide videos with creative ideas that weren’t made, so standing out is undeniably crucial. Producing different content with a new style can turn you into a famous and adorable TikToker. Also, people’s interests need to be considered and videos need to be presented based on their interests.


10- Learn from others

To improve in a certain business or profession, always following a specialist or a person who is doing it better than you is a great way to start. Pay attention to how others are trying to get followers; this inspires you to have your own ideas on collecting followers. Sometimes small changes leave a huge impact. It’s best to take a look at the viral videos and see their development making these small changes.

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