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How to hide your location on the Internet?

How to hide your location on the Internet?

With the restrictions imposed by certain governments, accessing information or carrying out transactions securely is a real headache. There is therefore the omnipresent concern of localization via IP addresses. Fortunately, there are ways to hide your IP address. Discover them in this article.

Using a proxy server

When you want to visit a web page without being located, the proxy server appears to be an effective alternative in this area. In addition, it acts as an intermediary between the web page to be visited and the browser used for this. The advantage of the proxy server is that it has its own IP. Therefore, the address which will be identified at the time of navigation will be that of the proxy server in question, and not that of the user.

There are several proxy servers and even free ones, which can be found online on various sites. It is recommended to opt for a proxy providing a secure connection HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). It should also be noted that the use of a proxy only protects the IP address of a browser. Applications using the Internet are therefore not affected by the protection of proxy servers.

The proxy server allows you to visit sites that are forbidden to access in your country, without having to travel. But it does not guarantee complete protection since it is possible, thanks to powerful tools, to find the address of the referent.

Using a VPN

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Virtual Private Network generally plays the same role as the proxy server. But the basic feature of VPN is that it assigns an IP address to the applications used, regardless of the protocol used. It is the safest and easiest way to use, thanks to the many software available in this area.

In addition to the characteristics of a proxy server, virtual private networks provide a secure connection tunnel and good data processing speed. It is a much better alternative to proxy servers. There are free versions of VPN as well as paid versions.

VPNs allow you to have a multitude of IP addresses, distributed on several servers to remain anonymous online. It is security that is guaranteed worldwide. Paid versions also allow you to benefit from browsing speed at fixed costs.

It therefore seems important to choose a type of VPN, depending on the needs that one has. If you don’t know which VPN best meets your browsing needs, you can refer to an online comparator.

Use of the TOR decentralized anonymization network

The TOR network is, unlike its predecessors, an exceptional tool for anonymous browsing. It is a worldwide decentralized network which includes nodes and connections respectively between servers and users. It guarantees them a high level of anonymity.


Despite its many users, there are some complaints about the reliability of TOR. And yet, TOR is known to be such a secure means of navigation that it is recommended for surfing the Deep web. However, it is not advisable to perform downloads because of the low bandwidth it exploits.

TOR appears to be a remedy for censorship and tracking. It randomly distributes the IPs of the users connected to its IP network. In addition, the IP addresses allocated by the TOR network all change constantly. To benefit from TOR on your terminal, simply download the Tor Browser Bundle on it, then install it. Thus, we benefit from a secure connection.

The use of public WiFi

The public Wifi networks, coming from the hotspots present in the parks, constitute an effective means of browsing in a secure and anonymous way. They are found in other public places such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, etc. Public Wifi do not generally require a password to connect to them.

The advantages of public Wifi have the advantage of being fairly practical and easy to use. The main thing when using public WiFi is to be careful not to communicate personal information. This measure reduces the risks to which we are exposed, from the point of view of cybercrime. To safely use a public Wi-Fi network, it is preferable to use a VPN which encrypts the established internet connection. Thus, not only is the IP address untraceable, but in addition, hackers and other malicious people will not be able to access the user’s personal information.

Ultimately, there are several solutions that allow you to hide or hide your IP address when browsing the Net. This amounts to either using a proxy server, a VPN, a decentralized network like TOR, or even a public Wi-Fi network. The main thing is to make the right choice, and to use the means that best meet your needs.

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