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How to protect your Instagram profile from hacking?

Hacking and stealing an Instagram profile is a scary and frustrating situation. For both bloggers and business profiles of companies.

Especially if you were engaged in smm promotion and recruited target subscribers, which you converted into customers for your business. For many small companies, an Instagram account is de facto the main source of sales, the loss of such a profile becomes a serious blow to the company’s activities.

So how will you protect yourself from the risk of losing your profile?

Let’s start with the most basic – a strong password!

A fairly frequent occurrence in our practice of smm promotion, when we are given access to a profile, is a weak password. For example, a password with a company name and a couple of numbers.

This is fundamentally wrong.

Use password generators. The ones that give out something like gssI32fhs5; df

We understand that this password is more difficult to remember, but you can write it down, and it will be safer than using the one described in the example. Password managers are very convenient to use.

The second rule is that your password must be unique. Do not use the generated password anywhere else, it can be compromised by phishing.

Well, and the third rule – do not give your password to anyone. Naturally, when working with an SMM agency, you will transfer this data. However, the terms of use of the data must be clearly spelled out in the contract. An important point! Change your password after changing your contractor.

Turn on two-factor authentication to provide additional protection against theft of your profile.

This is a multi-step process that requires you to verify your identity with a security code. For example, if your password has been compromised, then you will not be able to log in from another device, Instagram will require confirmation with a code.

To enable two-factor authentication on Instagram, go to Settings and click on Two-Factor Authentication.

Click Get Started and you will have two options to choose from: Authentication Application (Recommended) and Text Message.

Make sure your email is secure , which is linked to your Instagram profile.

Attackers can get to your profile and via mail. To prevent this from happening, the mail must be protected with a strong password and, preferably, be used exclusively for instagram.

In addition, there should be no third-party access to the mail.


Revoke access to third-party apps.

If you used various third-party Instagram services, for example, to collect statistics or, God forbid, cheat, then you put your profile at risk.

Even when you do not use such services for a long time, they have access to your profile.

To manage third-party apps, open your Instagram profile on your computer, click the settings button, and then click Apps & Website.

Here you will find a list of applications that you have access to. If you spot any suspicious applications, you can easily click the “Revoke Access” or “View and Edit” button.


What if your profile is still hacked?

The first is not to panic, but you need to act quickly.

The second thing to do is check your inbox for messages from Instagram.

If there you find a message from a social network that your mail has been changed, then cancel this change using the link in the letter.

IMPORTANT! Instagram sends letters only from the official mail. Check the address for the correct spelling of the name of the social network and the absence of additional letters or numbers. Most of the emails come from security@mail.instagram.com

 The third is to request a link to enter Instagram.

If you suddenly changed the password, then when entering, click on “Forgot password”. Then follow the instructions.

The fourth is to request a security code from the support of the social network Instagram.

If the above actions did not lead to the restoration of your profile, then click “I do not have access to the email address – phone number”, fill out the form, indicating that your profile would be hacked, and request support.

Unfortunately, the social network does not guarantee the restoration of your profile, but the above-described protection and recovery methods will help you in the fight against fraudsters and make it harder for them to steal your profile.



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