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How to Shop Online Efficiently? Cunning tricks

Exasperated by shopping malls, do you prefer to save time and energy by shopping from the comfort of your sofa? Here’s how to master womens clothing online shopping.

The sales are starting, you need something but you don’t want to face the crowds in the mall?

Here is the complete guide to online shopping to become a master of this art.

How to do the sales like a pro

First, know that I made a video for you about my tips for shopping in general, on the Internet or not.

But today I will focus specifically on shopping online.

What I love about shopping online is that it keeps you from buying too much. Maybe you don’t think so.

But recently, I went shopping for Christmas. And I realized how great the temptation was when I was IN the store, so I hardly ever go there for the last few years!

Shopping online helps me stay aware of my purchases, instead of soaking up the craziness of a store.

Tips for Shopping Online: Safety

Before you even start your research, be sure to shop safely. You don’t want your credit card number to fall into the wrong hands.

Use private browsing

This way, you prevent someone malicious from intercepting your credit card codes and do not take the risk of revealing this information through cookies.

Never save your card number

Again, this is a way to not leave your information lying around and make it easily accessible.

Check the store URL

Do not command if the URL is not in https: the “s” indicates that the site is secure.

Check that the site is reliable

Check the reviews of a site you don’t know. You just have to type the name of the site followed by “reviews” on Google to find it easily.

Attention, pay attention to the site on which you read these opinions. If it’s on the same site you are looking for reviews from then that is not a good reference, of course.

Obviously, the opinions that a site itself shares are neither reliable nor constructive!

Beware of prices that are too low

If the prices are really too low, beware, it could be very poor quality or worse, bad ethics and disastrous working conditions behind the manufacturing.

Tips for shopping online: choosing the right clothes

Look at the reviews…

Take a good look at the reviews of the part you want before you buy it. Avoid items that don’t have them, unless it’s a brand you know well and have never disappointed you.

Especially the bad ones

Pay even more attention to bad reviews than good ones.

We are never too careful and they are the ones who will tell you if the person has given a bad notice because the package arrived two days later than expected or because there is something really awkward about the clothing.

It’s up to you to decide if what bothered the person would bother you too.

Check the materials of the clothes you want to buy

That way, you’ll know if you need an iron (if it’s cotton or linen, for example, materials that crease a lot), and if it’s a material that will keep you hot or not.

Synthetics are not bad. If you choose polyester, if possible choose recycled polyester, which at least has the advantage of being good for the planet.

Compare the materials with the one you already have to get an idea

You can actually look at the labels of the clothes you already have in your closet.

Look at the womens clothing online that you find the least and the most comfortable in order to know the materials that you support and those that you find less pleasant.

Take a good look at the pictures

Make sure the photos show all angles so you don’t have any surprises.

Sometimes the photos are not honest. To find out, look at the poses of the models. If they seem to be hiding something, they sure are.

Ideally, you’d better have photos so you can see the thing from all angles.

Some sites offer a video or a 360 view.


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