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itil certification: How Can I Pass the ITIL Exam in 1st Attempt?

Are you interested in understanding the itil certification? Are you contemplating ITIL Exam to be certified? Do you want to know what the benefits of itil certification are? Then, this post will help answer your questions.

What is ITIL?

Before we go to what itil certification is, you probably would want to understand what is ITIL? Let us start with ITIL. What is ITIL course? What is meant by ITIL 4 Foundation? And, of course, ITIL Framework!

itil certification

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. Why Library?Because ITIL started as a set of books. These are a collection of best practices for Information Technology Service Management to deliver IT Services as per customer needs.

Why did ITIL come up?

ITIL started way back, more than 30 years ago. Information Technology was just gaining momentum as a tool to improve efficiency in business processes. British Government had different vendors for IT services itil certification.

It found that there was no uniformity and led to confusion, rework and loss of productivity. The UK government then debuted its department to define a common standard with a set of best practices for IT services and ITIL was born.

What is ITIL Framework?

ITIL Framework is the anthology of best practices which help you manage IT services more efficiently. ITIL Framework complies with the ISO 20000. But, while ISO 20000 implementation entails the complete set stipulated in it, itil certification framework is more flexible. You can opt for only those processes that are relevant or immediately applicable to you. But for the ITIL exam, you need to understand the framework in full.

Who conducts itil certification?

ITIL exam is the gateway for you to become ITIL 4 Foundation certified.Axelos owns the trademark itil foundation and the intellectual property related to ITIL exam and ITIL framework, etc.  Axelos also licenses other institutes to train and conduct ITIL exam on its behalf. These are called Accredited Training Organizations (ATO).

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