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Keys to achieving an intelligent distribution in your home

Taking advantage of space, bringing light to all corners of the house, and facilitating communication between environments are the main objectives of an intelligent distribution. No matter how small home is, you can always get good distribution. Here we reveal the keys to get a distribution 10.

How to get a smart layout

An intelligent distribution seeks to carry out daily tasks in the most practical way possible. The fundamental division is in the day area (living room, dining room, kitchen) and the night area (bedrooms). Separate the areas to achieve an intelligent distribution based on the activities that are generated in the rooms

Currently, it is a trend to eliminate corridors to optimize the space at home, however, they can be useful to distribute the different rooms.

It is essential to separate public spaces from private ones, to maintain privacy when visitors come. It is important that each room has its own access from the living area or hallway.

Enhance natural light

It is essential to enhance natural lighting, in an intelligent distribution, as it makes spaces brighter and visually wider . The orientation of the house is an important factor to take into account, however, there are always tricks so that the house does not appear dark.

It is important not to obstruct the entrances of natural light. In impractical distributions, you should consider eliminating partitions and joining spaces so that the light reaches all the corners of the house.

It will be necessary to install a good acoustic and thermal insulation, to insulate your house from noise and to save energy.

Aesthetic and functional hall

The hall is the letter of presentation of your house and welcomes your visits. When carrying out an intelligent distribution, you must give it the prominence it deserves.

Dress the hall with functional furniture that allows you to store warm clothes, bags, shoes, etc. without obstructing the space.

Getting rid of things when you get home and have your own site, is essential to maintain order and organization at home.

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Avoid furniture or censer elements, which only take up space.

Bet a clear tone to add luminosity and spaciousness to the entrance of your home!

Bedroom ventilation

In bedrooms having good ventilation is essential. It is necessary to ventilate the house for at least 10 minutes a day, otherwise it can bring health problems.

It is important that the kitchen is not near the bedrooms so that odors and fumes do not reach. Choose appliances that don’t make a lot of noise. Choose a powerful and quiet extractor hood.

Smart layout: no wasted spaces

A home in which half the available meters are corridors and distributors is not a good idea. Not only the time it takes to go through them, it is better to take advantage of the space to create a large and functional area.

Currently, open distributions define current homes. It is about differentiating the public areas from the private ones. It is necessary to create environments within the same space.

It is also important to have a good storage capacity,  which is not only used to store things, but to keep the house neat and clear.

Integrate the kitchen into the living area

Nowadays, it is a trend to integrate the kitchen into the dining room and living room, to turn the day area into an open and shared space . It is a good resource to gain a feeling of spaciousness in small homes.

The open concept has become very popular in recent years. More and more is sought to create a feeling of spaciousness to achieve an intelligent distribution.

It will be advisable to maintain visual continuity. To do this, choose the same tones and materials. As for the pavement and the walls, it must be the same color and material.

If you want to divide the space, bet on glass walls with black metallic profiles (they are in fashion). In this way the environments will be differentiated but without losing visual continuity.

In small spaces, a good resource is to use furniture in light tones, such as white.

You have to take care of both natural and artificial lighting. In the work area, stronger and softer lights should be placed in the living and dining areas.

Functional and comfortable spaces

To achieve an intelligent distribution is not about moving furniture or eliminating partitions, it is about always looking for comfort and natural lighting.

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