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Morocco has actually an old lifestyle off artisanal accessories and you will artistry one to stretches into the our modern era

Morocco has actually an old lifestyle off artisanal accessories and you will artistry one to stretches into the our modern era

The conventional artwork of developing genuine Moroccan precious jewelry might be attributed, typically, in order to Morocco’s Jewish populace, back in the day.

In this total self-help guide to Moroccan precious jewelry, we delve better towards the version of accessories, its area for resource, the occasions these include made for, plus which you could and obtain real pieces.


Mdama is actually a vintage belt that is often used so you’re able to wind in the caftans or takchitas. It accessory is made of a myriad of materials plus all sorts of designs and styles. Such as, the genuine mdama used to be element of a bu siteye gГ¶z atД±n good female’s dowry.

For how wealthy her loved ones was as well as the social status out-of this lady partner-to-be, the mdama might be made of sheer silver, featuring different engravings, and you may ornamented having several rocks (mainly red and you may green).

As we progress in history, the fresh mdama starts to progress to the a strip made from an effective prepared question that’s nearly cardboard-such, after that draped in identical procedure of the dress it’s become worn that have (whether it is cotton, brocade, velvet, otherwise cotton).


Brand new Khalkhal is an additional precious jewelry piece greatly driven by the Arab, Andalusian, and you will Ottoman dictate. It connection is actually a foot bracelet, or anklet, generally made from silver, silver, otherwise an amalgam regarding both information.

Usually, the Khalkhal checked several appeal and you may talismans, primarily the latest khamsa otherwise hand regarding Fatima, together with a portrayal of your own evil attention.

It could be dainty otherwise it could be a heavy adaptation such as the Fassi Khalkhal, which is almost like a great cuff, engraved playing with some other floral molds and you can featuring a silver strings one to will make it towards the a dual covering anklet

Silver Bracelets

Moroccan gold bracelets are some other quintessential aspect in people antique accessories box. These things can usually feel worn often unmarried or in layers to achieve that thickness function toward arm.

Due to the fact hottest ones are produced from 925 silver, you will find, however, of numerous bracelet set made of gold (speaking of constantly worn in the wedding events or special events).

At this time, there are many different reproductions of your genuine silver bracelet set, and even though these are typically much cheaper compared to genuine jewellery, they nonetheless manage to get the newest appeal and you can essence regarding Moroccan jewellery society.


This new Khamsa, the attention off Fatima, and/or Give out of Fatima was a symbol of Moroccan-Jewish lineage you to definitely represents a give into strength out-of warding of worst and you may securing brand new individual away from negative times.

This is an old into the Moroccan jewellery and will be found for the majority bits, be it a beneficial necklace, a pendant, a bracelet, a couple of earrings, or a keen anklet.

Because this is like a good ubiquitous part of Moroccan community, you will notice that really Moroccan people very own no less than good couple of jewelry offering which stunning and you can unique icon.

Conventional Moroccan Jewellery

Traditional Moroccan jewelry does manage way more pricey than the new modernized pieces. In addition to that, but also getting your hands on a genuine bit of accessories that schedules far back at this moment was a problem alone.

Whether you are searching on the Souks regarding ancient Medinas or you are probably on line, searching for old-fashioned Moroccan accessories tend to show to be a daunting task.

Really Moroccan ladies enjoys inherited the individuals accessories off their mothers and grandmothers, so parting together verges towards the hopeless because of just how far psychological well worth it keep.

While it’s very hard locate a classic precious jewelry shop during the Morocco, you might nonetheless rating real parts for the historic towns such as for example Marrakech, Fez, Tangier, and you will Chefchaouen.

In Tafraoute, Tiznit, and you will Inezgane, discover old-fashioned Moroccan accessories to the monitor, with rare period from falling towards book parts that be considered because rare works of art. Moreover, Taroudant is even worthy of a trip if you’re towards take a look getting real antique jewelry.

Which walled area servers a yearly jewellery knowledge where hundreds of silversmiths giving anything from necklaces and you may bracelets to ornate daggers and you can swords visited display the design.

You may visit the Dress Artisanal inside the Tiznit before venturing into the Souk to get a much better idea of what’s available, various designs and styles, and speed points.

There was another Ensemble Artisanal in Marrakech also, and it’s really an excellent starting point to understand more about local locations and you may what they have to give.

Remember that specific silver precious jewelry are ‘Berber silver’, that’s a blend of gold, nickel, and you can direct. Even though it could well be challenging to identify actual out-of fake parts, always squeeze into your instinct gut.

If the a cost looks too good to be real, it probably is actually. You’ll be able to factor in the weight each and every portion, if it seems thin otherwise better-made, the look of this new stones, will they be as well shiny or as well darkened.