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Motorcycles on easy installments In Lahore

Yamaha YBR 125 is Now Available on Easy Installments

There is no denying the popularity of motorcycles in Pakistan. In Pakistan, one can easily judge that motorcycles are more popular than cars. The 2015-2016 sales reports clearly show that motorcycles are selling much better than cars. Many factors have influenced this preference of motorcycles, including economic prices, chaotic traffic and the interest shown by the country’s youth.

Motorcycles on easy installments In Lahore
Motorcycles on easy installments In Lahore

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Yamaha is one of the few companies to have benefited greatly from the improved geopolitical and financial situation in Pakistan. The company had already tried to enter the Pakistani market but, due to lack of support from the relevant ministries, their efforts were unsuccessful. The year 2013, however, proved very promising for the company, as Yamaha finally managed to sign the documents and offers needed to sell its bikes in Pakistan. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yamaha launched YBR 125 in Pakistan and, after its monumental success, quickly launched YBR 125G.

Dreams introduced the YBR 125 at a price of 129,400 PKR and the YBR 125G at a price of 132,400 PKR. Here in Pakistan, many people will agree with me that we are facing a psychological barrier as soon as the monetary amount exceeds 100,000 PKR and that miraculously, Dreams realized this and took steps to increase its sales. This is why the company has set up monthly payments with the help of various banks. Recent developments in this regard have indicated an agreement between Dreams and some Bank, in which the bike will be available as part of the Bike Ijarah program. Consumers can get any Yamaha bike by paying a 10 to 50% down payment and have the option to suspend payments in 1 to 3 year plans with this Bike Ijarah program.

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