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Pigmentation Treatment For Radiant Complexion

علاج التصبغ في أبو ظبي

Do you want to get rid of brown spots on your skin, especially on your face and around the nose? There are a number of natural recipes as well as cosmetic procedures to help improve the appearance of these black spots. The most effective and widespread treatment for these unsightly age spots is pigmentation laser treatment.

These brown spots show an excessive increase of melanin in the body. Skin contains thousands of pigment cells that produce a chemical called melanin that gives skin its color. The excess production of melanin in the skin leads to hyperpigmentation, which appears on your skin as freckles and age spots. There are a number of factors that can lead to hyperpigmentation, but the most common causes are excessive exposure to sunlight and aging. Sometimes pigmentation can form as a result of a side effect from certain medications or due to iron deficiency (anemia).

While pigmentation treatment is not a serious medical condition, most often many take the treatment for cosmetic reasons. There are a number of over-the-counter medications as well as cosmetic procedures to help you get rid of these brown spots, but the most effective and in demand treatment of all of them is laser pigmentation treatment .

Lasers are a safe way to treat pigmentation (facial pigmentation) on the skin and give quick results as well. A high-intensity laser beam of specific wavelength is aimed at brown spots, as it works to remove the damaged layer of skin. In its place, a new layer of skin appears that is smoother, smoother and clearer, thus the treated area is free from imperfections and age spots. The dark pigment in the skin absorbs the heat from the light beam and breaks down. Besides breaking down pigment spots and removing the damaged top layer of skin, the laser also stimulates collagen production.

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Mild to moderate pigmentation can be treated effectively with topical, prescription or over-the-counter creams. These creams work by blocking the excess melanin production by the melanocytes. These creams also contain a skin lightening and whitening chemical called hydroquinone, which helps reduce the appearance of freckles on the skin. Some creams also contain mild acids and steroids that gradually remove the pigmented skin layer, leaving behind a lighter complexion. Since some of these creams can be very harsh, they require a prescription.

Chemical peels and crystal peels are both effective in treating pigmentation , but these therapeutic procedures are a little harsh and cause some discomfort during and after the treatment.

Regardless of which cosmetic procedure you choose, it is a good idea to try the treatment by applying natural home remedies first. Lemon and potato juice, honey, milk, almond paste, or aloe vera gel juice are some effective masks for pigmentation of the skin. Try them first before seeing a dermatologist, but only if you have mild to moderate freckles or spots on the skin. If they do not work well and do not give you the desired result, see a dermatologist as soon as possible. Do not wait for months to see a doctor, as this may aggravate the problem.

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