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Root canal treatment

Endodontic treatment

Root canal treatment, also called endodontic treatment, is necessary when the pulp of the tooth becomes infected due to severe decay, cracks in the enamel or trauma (shock). If the inflamed or infected pulp is left untreated, it can cause pain or lead to an abscess.

This root canal treatment in Lahore therefore consists of removing the infected pulp from the canals where it lodges, disinfecting the entire canal system of the tooth, widening the main canal and plugging the canal network (filling and sealing it). The tooth is then reconstructed either with a coronary filling or with a crown.

When should I have root canal treatment

  • When the decay reaches the pulp;
  • When the restoration of a tooth, following a cavity or a fracture, requires being too close to the nerve;
  • When the tooth reacts badly to trauma resulting in irreversible pulpitis;
  • When the tooth is necrotic;
  • When the preparation of a restoration requires first root canal treatment (endoprosthetic).

The infected tooth must be treated quickly

It is very important to treat a tooth with damaged pulp. In addition to causing severe pain, the infection can turn into an abscess or spread to the rest of the body, severely damaging your health. If you do not choose root canal treatment, extracting the infectious tooth is another option that will drain and eliminate the infection, while eliminating the risk of spreading it.

But why want to keep a tooth that is no longer viable at all costs?

Note that even devitalized, a tooth still performs several functions: chewing, maintaining and position your teeth and preserving your jaw bone. Indeed, by being present, the teeth stimulate the tissues and muscles of your mouth and strengthen the bone structure that supports everything. With age, we all lose some jaw bone and this loss is accelerated when no stimulation to our teeth is produced.

Is root canal treatment painful?

Contrary to some beliefs, root canal treatment itself is not painful. Adequate anesthesia is very important because this type of treatment requires a significant amount of time which is sometimes spread over more than one appointment. The protocol and procedures for anesthesia remain the same as for any other operative dentistry procedure.

What influences the cost of root canal treatment?

First, inside each of your teeth is the pulp, a collection of vessels and nerve endings. The pulp is located in the center of the crown of the tooth and extends into each of its roots, inside fine canals. There are one to four canals per tooth. The cost of root canal treatment therefore depends on the number of canals in the tooth. The prices are based on the Guide of prices and nomenclature of oral procedures of the Association of dental surgeons of Quebec (ACDQ).

The cost of root canal treatment at a general dentist includes the following acts, spread over one or more appointments:

The treatment plan;

  • clinical procedures (cleaning, canal shaping and canal filling);
  • x-rays.

The cost of the root canal treatment in Lahore, however, excludes the final restoration of the tooth. It will therefore be necessary to add the cost of an amalgam or composite restoration (amalgam, composite, crown).


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