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Simple Web-Design Tips to Boost Conversions

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Online shoppers can be difficult. While your website may look professional and include social proof and trust badges, you may be looking at the less clear design elements that may influence convert. But do not worry; you don’t need to be a web designer yourself to understand and apply these four simple fixes.

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Pick the right colors

When choosing colors on your website, you should not choose your preferred option. Instead, you must consider the feelings that each color will convey and if that feeling matches your brand. It is commonly believed that certain colors affect how we feel about business, including what we buy. It is thought that the blue color, for example, encourages a sense of trust, strength and dependency, which is why companies such as Dell, Ford and American Express use it. On the other hand, companies such as Lego, Nintendo and YouTube have chosen because they tend to inspire excitement and youth.

Use These Web-Design Tricks to Grow Your Business

So consider whether your website’s colors are informing your audience. Do you sell healthy lifestyle products? Then think about choosing green to encourage peace and growth. And also remember that high contrast colors help the most important elements, such as call-to-action buttons, stand out.

Consider typography

Just as people make specific feelings in humans, so make fonts, so you need to choose typography for your website that accurately reflects your brand. For example, if your business does handmade furniture, you might think about choosing a print that tells your audience that reliability and comfort are important to you. In addition, if adequate spacing is created between text lines, the content will be easier for users to read. The height of magic (the space above and below the text lines) is 150 per cent of the font size you are using.

Use negative space

Negative space (or white space) refers to the space between each different aspect of your website, for example the head between the header and the content. A lot of negative space on your website is good, allowing you to focus on the most important elements – such as an attractive key image and call-to-action – and overall readability.

Tips for Web Design That Drive Sales

Choose an F-Pattern

The F-Pattern refers to how our eyes move when we jump content online. People usually scan from left to right at the top of the screen, then their eyes scare a movement further down the page, scanning towards the right hand again, but less than they did at the top of the screen. So the area of ​​the page gets the smallest visibility of the bottom right. This eye movement appears to be like a “F” or “E” shape. In applying your F-Pattern, place your most important elements and calls for action in the areas most visible. For example, if you put your call to talk at the top left of your web page, it will persist with your visitors and you will get more fonts. With your company’s website being designed, you may not think about what your business wants or needs. Rather, you need to think about the best things for your visitors. Use these simple design tips to improve how users consume the information they need most and the conversion will certainly continue to increase.

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