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Steps to Speed up Your Image Heavy Website

The images are an integral part of every website. According to HTTP Archive images there are more than 60% of the data loaded on web pages. Because it is a vital part of almost every website, whether it is e commerce, news, fashion websites, blogs or travel portals, optimization of an image is important, and perhaps the lowest hanging results, if you want to speed up your heavy website.

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Maximizing images for your website can generally be divided into 3 categories – lighter load, less load to load and load faster. The techniques we discuss in this section or any other techniques that you come across are likely to fall into either of these 3 categories.So, start and see some simple techniques that you could apply today to make significant progress in optimizing your website’s heavy image.

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Resize your images

This is great. Change your images directly to the desired size of your website. And no, I’m not talking about changing the CSS or HTML. I’m talking about changing the image on the server and then sending it to the browser.For example, you have a 4000x3000px image for a product you would like to list on your ecommerce website. On your website, however, you need to show a much smaller image of this product. It could be a 200x300px image on the product listing page and an 800x1000px on the product data page. Make sure you scale down the original image with these dimensions BEFORE sending it to the browser. The refurbished images are much smaller than the original image and will load much faster than the original image.

In my view, the size of the images changed incorrectly, the most optimized range of most websites. And, as developers, it is often too happy. Consider the following story: You start with images that have a fine amount of them on your new website. In the coming months, your website layout changes and so on your image needs. However, rather than generating new images to meet these new requirements, a very good task in itself, you make an alternative. For example, you use a 300x200px image in which a 200x200px image would work. I think this would happen to everyone.In the example above, it seems that the little difference is for one image in terms of Kilobytes. But it is still 21%. This small difference has placed the potential to add up to many images, speed up your website and reduce your bandwidth consumption by 21%.

The best story is to have an image server that can change an image to any particular feature, in real time, but by changing the image URL. In these ways, when the need for an image feature changes, you need to get the new images to specify that feature in the URL.Many open source and server side applications can be implemented on your own Is one such third-party service that provides, except all other features, real-time URL-based size and verification. And you can use the images you already have in a few minutes of setup.

Optimize your images

The next step is to speed up your heavy website image than the correct format and quality for each image for your website.JPG, PNG and GIF are the most commonly used image formats currently used on the web and are suitable for different usage situations. Another relatively new image format called WebP which combines the best image formats, is 30% less and is supported by almost 75% of modern browsers.

The above comparison illustrates the importance of selecting the right image format for your images. Although the images are the same, they are very different in size.Because of the huge performance benefits, you should deliver your images in format where possible. On the other browsers, you can continue to deliver the original image format.The quality of the image is simply a measure of how the image visually looks. There is a direct correlation between image quality and image size. Higher quality leads to higher image size and, consequently, slow website.

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