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The frame and the roof.

The frame and the roof.
Whether the framework is based on a framework or the structure of the field (see box), the construction begins with a workshop phase: the elements are prefabricated to the desired dimensions and then assembled. A film of plastic film (plastic or bituminous cloth), which is responsible for plugging the accidental defects of the roof during important meteorological events. 2 panels with a re-entrant angle). With the roof, are askZinc: all the solutions, made of zinc, to ensure the watertightness and the flow of the water: gutters, gutters, valleys.
The putting out of air.
When the roof is open and the air is out of the air.
This is an important step for the following reasons:
It usually gives rise to a payment
It is at this stage that we can begin to configure the equipment and interior finishes,
It is a stage where the customer can take over the completion of the house itself.
Interior partitioning.
The choice of separation is important and can vary from room to room. For example:
Sound insulating material in rooms
A water repellent material in the bathroom.
The assembly may be:
Wet: the materials are assembled with mortar gold glue, the partitions are then made of brick, plaster tiles or cellular concrete,
Dry: large panels on the wall of electrical conduits with visible bleeding.
Equipment and interior coatings.
The electrician who, in accordance with specific standards, installs the electrical network (switchboard, circuit breakers, sockets, lighting),
The plumber, possibly heating engineer, who installs water, gas, shower tray and bathtub, faucet, hot water tank, evacuations etc …
Tiler laying floor coverings and tiles
The painter who intervenes to protect and decorate the walls: exterior plaster or plaster if the mason has done it yet, interior paints or wallpapers.we are providing the frame and the roof.For more detail:www.ittefaqgroup.pk

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