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Valentines Day Flowers

Whether you plan to give (or want to receive) flowers on this Valentine’s Day, it is likely that reporting your options or increasing your appreciation of your sweet scent will smell the meaning of the flowers. Do you think that a rose is only a rose? Keep reading to discover what the ten popular Valentine flowers really symbolize.

1 peonies

These soft flowers are associated with a variety of meanings: more commonly, they are linked to romance, prosperity and shyness, according to the speaking roses. As a Greek myth states, Apollo used to turn beautiful nymphs into peonies if Aphrodite knew she was flirting with them. Some even believe that they are good luck charms that bring good fortune to the recipient.

2 Ranunculus

These colorful swirly flowers, also called “buttercups”, symbolize the charm, the attraction and the glow. Give a bouquet of these beauties and you will let the recipient know: “I am dazzled by your charms”, according to speaking roses

3 roses

It’s not surprising that this classic button is “the most popular choice for Valentine’s Day,” says Kate Law, Product Design Manager at ProFlowers.com. It could be because red roses symbolize love, romance, beauty and perfection. The iconic flower is also known to be expensive, according to Michael Gaffney, Director of the School of Flower Design in New York, “flower growers hold their roses for months to bloom in time for February 14, and then Increase the prices, giving roses that looked for reputation “.

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4 Gerbera Daisies

Daisies are known to symbolize beauty, innocence and purity, says the law. The Gerbera variety, recognizable by its large flower heads, is available in a variety of pale tones, which gives them the additional meaning of joy. Happy buds are “always a favorite to receive,” she says.

5 tulips

“Tulips represent perfect love,” says Gaffney. Elegant and easily identifiable flowers are one of the most popular flowers in the world, but are more often associated with the Netherlands, where they flourished in the 17th century. They convey comfort and warmth, says the law, and are a good choice for Valentine’s Day, as they are classic and affordable.

6 Alstroemeria

Also known as Peruvian lilies, these long-lasting petals that draw attention represent friendship and devotion, says the law. They are native to South America and have multiple blooms per stem, which makes the arrangements voluptuous. Perhaps best of all, they are easy to find in most neighborhood supermarkets.

7 White House Lilies

These white oriental lilies usually represent “beauty, class and style,” says Gaffney. “A man who creates a bouquet with these dramatic, expensive lilies, is sophisticated and knows his partner well.” And, as Law points out, people love the intoxicating fragrances of these stunning flowers.

8 orchids

According to Gaffney, these rare flowers symbolize love, beauty, luxury and strength. In addition, they send the message of exotic seduction. “If someone gives you orchids, it’s a little wilder than the person who goes for a dozen roses.” Orchids also hold up well over time, says Law, in both bouquets and pots.

9 carnations

These flowers with ruffles represent the fascination and the new love. “For some reason, carnations have a bad reputation,” says Gaffney. “But I love you, they are wonderful flowers.” Even better, these cheerful flowers are abundant and very affordable.

10 sunflowers

Like the sun they are called, these flowers represent warmth and happiness, says the law. They also defend loyalty, according to Gaffney. Although the bright yellow flowers scream the summer, these flowers that lift the spirit are available all year.

11 lilies

In some parts of the world, dark blue or purple irises indicate royalty, according to the Law. No matter their color (they are more commonly seen in blue, white and yellow), they represent faith and hope, says Gaffney. Mix them with red tulips or daisies for a “surprising combination,” Law suggests.

12 Gardenias

Loaded with fragrance, these elegant flowers signify purity and joy, and connote a deep and old-fashioned love, says Gaffney. “The man who buys these probably has a track record with the woman he is buying them for.” Because they are expensive and sold as individual flowers, they will definitely make a statement about the holidays.