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What is a cataract?

Cataracts result in clouding of the lens, the transparent part of the eye that is behind the pupil and iris. This elastic lens of the eye allows light to be focused on the retina by modifying its curvatures during accommodation. When the lens loses its transparency, light rays no longer reach the retina properly. Gradual clouding of the lens can manifest itself through several symptoms:

  • Blurry, cloudy and hazy vision as well as reduced visual acuity;
  • A modified perception of colors and a poor perception of contrasts;
  • Decreased night vision;
  • Greater sensitivity to light;
  • Difficulty reading and difficulty in distinguishing the reliefs

Cataract surgery: what are the post-operative consequences?

After cataract surgery that was being done with the help of cataract surgery instruments set, sight improves immediately for most patients. Usually, complete healing takes a month. The practitioner may prescribe a treatment consisting of anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics in the form of eye drops to be instilled over several weeks. These eye drops are not a cataract medicine. They are a post-operative treatment to prevent the risk of eye infections.

How to prevent cataracts?

Cataracts are a natural phenomenon caused by the aging of the lens. This pathology can also be secondary to trauma, pre-existing eye disease, medical treatment or be caused by certain chronic diseases. Other factors can increase the risk of developing cataracts: smoking, heavy and regular alcohol consumption, or exposure to UVB rays.

As with its treatment, there is no medicine to prevent cataracts. In prevention, other measures can be adopted:

Limit your consumption of tobacco and alcohol;

Protect your eyes from UVB rays by wearing high-performance sunglasses;

Perform blood tests prescribed by your doctor in order to regularly check your diabetes;

Wear protective glasses when handling dangerous objects;

Have your eyes examined regularly by an ophthalmologist from the age of 40.


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