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What is a Tax advisor?

TAX advisor

Your assets are subject to tax. Calling in a tax advisor can be beneficial in paying less tax while remaining legal. Tax matters require in-depth knowledge that is regularly updated. The best solution is to hire a tax advisor also known as a financial advisor or wealth management advisor. This professional guides his clients in matters of taxation and financial investments.

Role and missions of the tax advisor

The tax advisor assists his professional and private clients in their declarations and operations in order to find the most advantageous tax option while respecting the law. He takes cognizance of his clients’ resources and identifies possible tax consequences. Thus, in the event of a dispute or litigation, he will be able to dialogue with the tax administration by pleading in their favor.

The mission of the Trusted Tax Accountant consists first of all in analyzing the financial situation of his client by carrying out a balance sheet. It can then issue recommendations by offering the individual or company to invest in financial investments such as life insurance or retirement savings, securities or real estate, or any other investment allowing to maximize its income from assets. without the risk level being too high.

This advisor is an expert in tax law. It helps you better understand the intricacies of tax filing and maximizes the value of your wealth. He can work as an employee, in an accounting firm or in a wealth management company. The tax advisor can also work on his own account.

The advantages of using a tax advisor

Going through a tax advisor to manage your wealth allows you to benefit from several advantages. First of all, it gives the possibility of benefiting from a personalized diagnosis and service. Indeed, the tax advisor analyzes your financial situation and assesses your risk tolerance before offering you personalized and optimized solutions. Then, the tax advisor supports his client in achieving his goals by helping him, for example, to build up savings.

The tax advisor listens to his clients. It answers all of their questions, provides explanations on the concepts and strategies to put in place to pay less taxes and not lose sight of the goals set. The relationship between the advisor and the client is based on mutual trust. The professional ensures the confidentiality of information relating to the taxpayer’s assets. For his part, the client must not fail to provide him with information concerning his personal and financial situation. The partnership created with the tax advisor is long-term and should logically be based on a relationship of trust.

Thus, hiring a tax advisor can allow an individual or a company to significantly reduce their taxes and achieve certain goals. However, this solution is only interesting if the customer has a substantial asset base.

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