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What to Look for In Your Digital Marketing Agency?

It is difficult to find an agency that can act as a real partner.
They all claim they can help you regardless of their specific focus. They all have case studies and recommendations. So, how do you choose the right digital marketing agency for your needs?
If you are considering hiring an agency for the first time or are about to become a new agency, here’s what you should look for in a digital marketing agency.

Clear Communication

The most important aspect of partnership with the agency is the extent of good communication together. They may be the most intelligent marketers on the planet, but if you can not reach them or they can not talk to you the way you need them, it’s worthless.


You might think this would be a basic criterion for any agency, but I was concerned about how often I heard a customer talking about how a contractor or another agency would not respond to phone calls or emails a few days later. If you do not receive your agency within 24 hours on all emails or calls, it is time for a new message.

Brand Knowledge

Your agency may never know the ins and outs of your product or service as you know, but they should be able to talk in all its aspects in great detail. If they can not answer the value proposition of your product, how can they sell it? If they can not talk about your client like them, how can they market it?

Expectation Management

Your agency may return to you quickly and care, but you often feel that things are late or that information is missing. Maybe because they do not manage your expectations well. See, sometimes problems arise or things do not go as planned. However, if your agency does not come out and tell you why and what it means for the big picture, it means disorganization.

Transparency and Accountability

The biggest thing I’m looking for in my colleague is transparency and accountability. This builds trust and is the backbone of any long-term relationship. Why not hold your digital agency to the same standard?

Making Mistakes

Agencies are made up of people and people make mistakes – there is no way to overcome them. As much as we want to believe that we know everything, we can not predict the future or ensure our work will affect the positive change we are planning.
The key is how your agency responds when the ball is dropped.
Are they trying to hint around and give excuses that do not feel quite comfortable? Or do they own, correct this problem, and use it as an educational experiment to improve their work to move forward? Hope to have the latter, a form of improvement.
If they seem to be hiding something, you can not be sure they are helping your business.
Objectives and key performance indicators
Does your agency work with you to develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and your goals? If not, they will not hold themselves accountable. They should document clear KPIs with measurable targets that are aligned with your overall business objectives. If they depend on you to achieve all their goals and key performance indicators, they are likely to focus only on tactics rather than on results.

Business Reviews and Post Mortems

Your agency should regularly review business reviews. The agenda should be considered in the performance of the previous quarter and sets a road map for the next quarter. This will give everyone the chance to see the big picture and not get involved in small tactics and deliveries.
The death is somewhat like a business review but more concerned with short-term campaigns or entire accounts as a whole. They are generally less formal and more about solving bugs. These are also very useful but can happen as desired.


We covered all the things that make the agency a solid partner, but what about the material in what they do? At the end of the day, no matter how well connected and accountable, your digital marketing agency needs to master the digital strategy.
How can you tell if the agency is as good as they say?

T-Shaped Skill Set

Although you may assign an agency to a particular channel, it needs a T-skill set. Every expert you work with should be familiar with all digital marketing channels. This is because there is no single channel running independently. Digital marketing is part of an ecosystem, and each channel affects one channel or another.
Take our marketing pile, for example. If their content team does not know how to handle analytics, they will not be able to see advanced user behavior. If the PR team does not understand how to build links, they may waste valuable effort. They do not have to be certified masters for every channel, but even a dedicated channel agency needs to know how its channel works with all other channels.

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