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Amazon Web Services is undoubtedly the leading provider of public cloud services. AWS certifications are one of the most in-demand certifications in the IT market. These certifications validate our experience on the AWS platform and therefore open the door to obtaining a series of jobs with AWS.

Whether you are a developer, system administrator, application architect, database administrator, big data analyst, or sales / purchasing professional, you can build a successful career with aws solutions architect certification.

AWS certification benefits

If you are still thinking about why you should pursue AWS Certifications, you should know the importance of an AWS Certification. AWS certifications are quite helpful in staying competitive in the IT market. Here are the benefits of earning an AWS certification and how important an AWS certification can be to your career.

Validate AWS knowledge and skills.

Add possibilities to increase salary

It makes you desirable in the job market.

Manifest commitment to a profession.

Increase the chances of being hired.

Open the door to new job opportunities.

Which AWS certification to get first?

So are you familiar with the importance of being AWS certified? If yes, at this point you may be somewhat confused with all the AWS certifications available. It is important to choose the correct certification, but the question is how to choose the correct one. Here is the answer! Which AWS certification you should choose depends on your career, job title, and experience. Choosing AWS Certification based on your experience will improve your knowledge and gain more and more opportunities to further your career.

10 AWS Jobs You Can Get With an AWS Certification

Certifications from Amazon Web Services (AWS) can open the door to many higher paying jobs. If you are certified by AWS, there are several job opportunities available to you right now. Let’s take a look at the 10 best jobs you can get with an AWS certification.


AWS Solutions Architect

AWS Cloud Architect is the role that is directly connected to engineers and customers, providing an interface with stakeholders and technical leadership. The cloud architect provides leadership and scope of implementation in technical architectures to ensure that these new technologies are adopted in the best possible way.

If you have the knowledge of cloud computing and are an AWS Certified Solution Architect, you can become an AWS Cloud Architect.

SysOps Manager

An AWS SysOps administrator is responsible for deploying, operating, and managing systems on the AWS platform. So if you have experience managing and deploying production operations in the AWS Cloud, validate your experience with AWS SysOps Administrator certification. This will enhance your abilities to be selected for AWS jobs. Earning an AWS certification adds a credential to your resume and thus helps you earn a better salary.

Cloud Developer

Cloud developers are responsible for developing software applications and business solutions. So if you have significant software development experience with some knowledge of the AWS platform, there are plenty of AWS jobs for you. And earning an AWS Developer Associate certification will help you elevate your career to the next level as a cloud developer.

Cloud Sales and Purchasing Manager

Do you want to be a member of an organization focused on increasing AWS adoption? If you have significant AWS cloud purchasing / sales experience, leadership skills, and technical background, several AWS jobs are waiting for you.

As a Cloud Sales and Purchasing Manager, you can grow, drive, and shape the future of highly advanced technology. It is recommended that a successful candidate have the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification as it will help them engage with software developers and IT architects working on the AWS platform.

Cloud DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer is the senior developer who has experience skills beyond development, that is, in network operations and system deployment. So if you are multi-skilled with deep knowledge and hands-on experience on the AWS platform, an AWS job series is for you. Today companies are looking for Cloud DevOps engineers to establish the DevOps culture in the organization. And if you’ve validated your skills with the AWS DevOps Engineer Professional certification, your chances of landing an AWS job nearly doubled.

The DevOps engineer is the IT professional who handles code releases in multiple roles. He is responsible for working with system operators, software developers and also with the technical production team.

Key Account Manager (Cloud)

A key account manager is responsible for cloud storage, server, and product sales management. She also has the responsibility of managing customer accounts in order to make the purchase objective expeditious.

A key account manager is responsible for cloud storage, server, and product sales management. You also have the responsibility to manage customer accounts to make direct purchasing decisions. A Key Account Manager is responsible for driving adoption, revenue, market penetration, and managing a broad and diverse customer base in the marketplace.

So are you the one with experience in managerial, purchasing or sales roles with the knowledge of the AWS cloud? If yes, there are so many AWS jobs for you. Yes, the AWS Cloud Professional Certification will validate your skills and thus provide you with more opportunities.

Cloud Software Engineer

If you are a software engineer programming in Python, Ruby, JavaScript, or C ++, there is a great career opportunity with Amazon Web Services. Your ability to design, develop, and implement a system / software on the AWS platform may provide you with more opportunities for AWS jobs. So validate your software design and development skills with AWS certification and stand out from the crowd in the job market. Start with the Associate Level AWS Developer Certification and then you can go for the Professional Level Certification Exam for further growth.

AWS Network Specialist

If you have the ability to design and implement advanced hybrid networking projects on AWS, a wealth of jobs await you. Yes, to validate your experience working on cloud integration projects, all you need is an AWS certification.

AWS Certified Advanced Networks – Specialty exam is for those who have the networking experience. There is a high demand for people who have cloud network engineering skills with an AWS certification. So, become an AWS Certified Network Specialist and get jobs at AWS.

AWS systems integrator

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the popular cloud service provider that delivers essential storage, infrastructure, messaging, networking, and many more services to customers around the world. Today, businesses, as well as government organizations, They depend on AWS for cloud solutions and services. Therefore, the demand for system integrators is increasing to handle troubleshooting and deployment of AWS applications.

Having a good understanding of the AWS platform, applications, cloud services, and information systems will make you eligible for this job. Earn an AWS certification to prove your skills to your employer and various AWS jobs will open for you.

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AWS Big Data Specialist

An AWS Big Data specialist is one who can design and implement big data services to derive value from data. For this position, one must have significant experience in data analysis. If you have technical experience in the architecture and definition of AWS big data services that can help organizations analyze and maintain data, then there is a great opportunity for you in AWS jobs. If you are an AWS Certified Big Data Specialist, there is a better chance that you will land a job at AWS.

Finally to conclude, Amazon is continuously growing its services, and therefore a number of new certifications related to different domains can be seen in the future. If you pass an AWS certification exam, any of the AWS jobs listed above might be available to you. Learning AWS concepts and earning AWS certification will play an important role in growing your career. AWS jobs not only earn you a higher salary, but also a recognized position in your field.

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