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How to Make URL SEO Friendly?

When search engines look at your website , the first thing they see is your web address or URL. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, refers to how much search engines like your site . Learn how to make URLs SEO friendly so that search engines rank your site higher in search results, helping more people find your website.

Find out what your Keywords are on the Page

(Keywords are the few words you expect people to type into the search engine when they search for what your web page will give them.) Search engines ignore certain common words. In SEO, these common words are called “stop words”. Remove the stop words from your keyword list.

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Choose 2 to 5 Keywords that Describe the Topic

Too few keywords won’t help you much, but too many will generate keyword spam , which is off-putting for search engines and live visitors alike. Many websites offer “density checker” tools to scan a web page and tell you what the top keywords are, but you’ll also want to use online resources to check how stiff the competition is for those keywords .

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Purge Special Keywords

URLs must reinterpret special characters in code, which doesn’t work well with many social media sites. (For example,% 20 is the code for a space in a URL.) Search engines don’t recognize periods , so they don’t affect your SEO. Including the period can confuse programs as to what type of file your web page really is.

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