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10 original shelves to decorate your walls

First of all, I want to share with you that we are finalists in the 2020 Best 10 Awards in the category of home blogs and for that, we are very happy. As everyone likes a bit of recognition for the work they do (and for which, it must be said, sometimes it is difficult to find the time), I am going to ask you to vote for me. It’s very easy and it won’t take you a minute. Encourage us to vote for me, because if I win I will have even more desire to write for you, so we all win and for smart people are the ones who buy home decor online.

And now, let’s go to the topic of today’s article, the shelves. I recently added one to my living room and I have to say it took a while to find the right one. If you are in the same position, I hope that today’s ideas will help you in your choice, especially if you are looking for something original and little-seen.

Iron and wood

We start with a classic duo such as iron and wood but used in an original way. They are a type of shelves perfect for industrial and rustic styles. In addition, you can make them yourself if you are a bit crafty, and with the composition and size that suits you best and picking up or to buy home decor online is easy.

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Geometric forms

Geometric shapes have long been fashionable in decoration. For a bookcase, square and rectangular shapes are practical as well as aesthetic. They can be combined in different sizes and even embedded in the wall. An item of more custom-made furniture is impossible.

Hanging shelves

Hanging shelves can be adapted for many different styles. With rope for a lighter sensation and a coastal point, with iron for an industrial touch, with lighter or more robust wood to suit the consumer.

Color division

Playing with the colors on the walls is a trend today. Dividing the space, degrading, and combining the tones is something that we find easily in daring and trendy houses. If we add a shelf to the formula, it will be even more striking and original but after all, it best to buy home decor online.

Recycled shelving

There is always an ecological option in our decorative ideas and today it was not going to be less. Recycled shelves are easy to get as they are usually made of wood, a very eco-friendly material that is easy to reuse. It’s a great way to help the planet and add a little nature at home.

Angular Corner Shelf

This type of corner shelf is a bit similar to a curved corner shelf but differs because unlike curved shelves which feature a smooth and gentle curvature, angular shelves feature a sharp and well-defined cut in the racks. They usually come in the form of an isosceles triangle which means that the two front corners are each at 45-degrees while the angle at the back is 90-degree such that the overall rack fits in the outside as well as the inside of a corner. However, you can buy home decor online and also find more asymmetrically angled corner shelves if you prefer eccentricity in interior designs.

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