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How to dress for fall jogging

When the leaves turn red and a cold wind begins to blow, the outdoors call us and we have one more reason to go out and get fit. However, when running outdoors, you must make sure you are properly dressed to deal with any eventuality.

During the fall, we have to layer up in order to stay warm, but not too warm. To get the balance right, there are essential items that protect you from cold weather and optimize your experience so you can enjoy your time outdoors in comfort.

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A windproof running jacket

An essential item throughout the season, a windproof jacket will protect you from the brisk wind without adding a bulky layer to your running gear.  A lightweight polyester jacket with a tube collar will protect you on colder days while letting your skin breathe as you exercise.

A light base layer that allows the skin to breathe and absorbs perspiration

At the beginning of the season, when the temperature hovers around 20 degrees, you will need a light base layer. Choose a short-sleeved sweater made from synthetic fibers or Merino wool. This type of fabric will keep you dry and warm while reducing humidity caused by perspiration.

When winter begins to appear on the horizon, opt for a long-sleeved sweater made from synthetic materials instead. A well-designed running top will have little or no seams to avoid skin irritation caused by friction. If your temperature rises quickly while running, you can peel off your top layer and still stay warm.

A headband

It’s vital that you keep your head warm when running in cold weather. You can easily catch a cold when your face is exposed to a biting wind. A headband is an ideal accessory to keep your ears warm while running and it remains comfortable when it’s sunny and windy at the same time.

Running shoes

When it comes to running shoes, there are seemingly endless options. However, there is a particular type of shoe for each kind of running. When running outside in the fall, you need shoes with a waterproof insulating layer made of Gore-Tex or a similar material. For outdoor running, you should look for a sturdy sole that will protect your foot from pebbles and rough ground and is flexible enough to ensure a comfortable run. A curved sole and studs on the bottom of the shoe will propel you forward.

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Running tights

A combination of shorts and compression leggings is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their sporting performance while staying warm. Compression leggings effectively reduce muscle vibration and improve circulation in the legs. Alternatively, you can opt for running pants made of breathable material when running outdoors. However, you should avoid overly loose clothing that will restrict movement and increase your body temperature more than necessary.


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