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Most of today’s businesses rely heavily on their online platforms. With more and more people of all age groups who get used to the Internet and online activities, online business platforms have become more or less mandatory for all businesses, large or small. However, in the world of online business, much depends on the quality and content of the website. With so much competition in the market, consumers and customers don’t settle for anything the cut doesn’t make. Everything from user experience to product or service listings plays an important role in the success or failure of a website.

Knowing how to create a good website for your business is essential. It’s not just the job of the web designer in your office to make it look good, everyone involved in the business processes should be equally well informed of how a good website can be created. Contributions from everyone involved can help create a complete and easy-to-use website that customers would love to visit.

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A good website has certain essential qualities that cannot be overlooked. Here is a list of ten qualities that a good website design should have:


The most important quality for any website design is that it must fulfill its purpose. A website for any product or service or any other online activity should focus on the purpose for which it will be used. For example, an e-commerce website should take you directly to the main function, which is to buy online. A job vacancy website should focus on job vacancies and the job application. There should not be any unnecessary content on the landing page, or any other page for that matter, which is not essential for its functionality.

User Interface:

Another very important factor that creates or breaks a website is its user interface. The user interface must be simple and attractive. Adding too many options on the homepage or complicating website browsing will only make visitors lose interest. They may never return to your website if the user interface is too complex. Keep things easy and simple. The relevant information should be readily available to the user. Do not clutter the website unnecessarily with unimportant information.

Infographics and images:

Images can sometimes speak more than words. Add more relevant images to the website whenever possible. However, make sure the images are related to the content. The images not only make the website look good, but also make the content easier to understand. Images and infographics can also be used to direct people through the website. They can be used as click buttons to navigate to a related page or to draw attention to your company’s call to action. Simply dry content is boring to read and looks monotonous. Images and infographics also make the content stand out. You can also use them to display statistics and disaggregate information for easy understanding.


Your website must be optimized for different devices. Internet is gradually moving from desktop to mobile phone. All online content must be compatible with the mobile interface to be considered optimized. The website must have a functional mobile version that loads faster and uses less data. Not being optimized for the view of the mobile phone or other devices such as tablets, can make your website lose a lot of traffic.


Data theft and online fraud are a major concern in today’s times. As more and more companies connect, hackers gain access to more and more personal information from people. That has led people to be more careful with the use of websites that do not have a secure environment. Almost all Internet users today know the difference between HTTP and HTTPS. Therefore, if you want your visitors to stay and buy your products or services, you must ensure data security. Make sure your website is HTTPS and that all payment gateways are reliable and secure. Greater security will give you better business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In order for your website to be more visible in the sea of   similar websites on the Internet, you must optimize its content so that it appears in the search results of the search engines. Search engine optimization requires the use of relevant keywords and phrases that people search. There should be more HTML content on the website and fewer formats than others, such as Flash or JavaScript. The use of backlinks also helps redirect traffic to your website. Search engine optimization is an extensive field, and you need to do some research before designing the content of your website. The launch of a website without SEO would only leave your website crying for attention but without getting any.

Fast Charge

This is another feature that makes a big difference in the user experience. People are too busy, or at least that’s what everyone thinks, these days wait minutes for your website to load. No one has the time or patience to continue visiting a slow loading website. That is why it is important to optimize your website so that everything loads quickly, including images and other content. Image size optimization and content compression as much as possible can help in this regard. The standard loading time for a website should generally be less than two seconds. If your website takes more than two seconds to load, it is time to change it.


Now comes the part where you need to make things look good and attractive. An attractive website tends to attract more traffic, as it seems more sophisticated and reliable. The use of colors and the placement of content and images make a big difference in the appearance of the website. Try using less colors but more attractive. Colors should be selected according to the purpose of your website. Although this seems to make no sense, it does. Colors may invoke certain emotions in people, and colors on your website should be able to invoke the correct emotions. For example, a job posting website that is predominantly pink baby might not have much authority. Although the same pink baby could look perfect in an online children’s clothing store. Also, use the images so that they highlight the text, and neither is overwhelming. Achieving a balance between all components is the key to an aesthetically pleasing website.

Being A Bit Conventional

Although innovation and novel ideas are generally welcome in web design, the use of generic elements in website designs is also necessary. People feel comfortable with a particular design, and familiarity is attractive.


All pages of your website should be designed equally well so that the user experience is consistent. It is not that only the home page should look good, while the quality of other pages may be compromised. There must be a level of consistency.

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