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3 Pakistani embroidery styles that never gets old

Pakistani fashion has its own unique charm and grace which is loved by the millions, not only in Pakistan but throughout the world. If you are not aware of some of the best embroidery styles of Pakistan then this infographic will help you learn about it. These top 3 styles, GotaKinnari, Multani Style Hand Embroidery, and Zardozi Embroidery are the most famous in our fashion industry and must-have if you like to shine in any event or occasion, whether it’s Eid, wedding season, or any casual party, these dresses will always catch the eyes of people from pret wear Pakistan and will make you look gorgeous. Since you are here, check out the latest Pakistani lawn collection on our website and get it at your place anywhere in Pakistan.

Gotta kinari:

This is something which is old yet still trendy. It is some kind of silver or gold lace which you can arrange on your dress to make it shinny or perfect. It is mostly famous in wedding attire.

Multani style hand embroidery:

This embroidery has been an essential part of our culture. No matter how old it sounds it is still popular and admired by people of all age groups. Even many Pakistani designers are launching their collection with a touch of hand embroidery.

Zardozi embroidery:

You can’t just ignore the way zardozi works out for a fancy dress. This thing never gets old; it is one of the most beautiful metal embroideries which were once part of royal attires. No wonder how classy and royal it feels when you attire it.

We have seen Pakistani fashion show by going through different changes, different trends and styles from different cultures acquired in three-piece suits ladies. Cultural values in Pakistan have a profound influence on fashion and lifestyle of every citizen and that is what inspires ladies.

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