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Why is e-commerce packaging so important?

E-commerce packaging is essential since the products that are sent by companies must reach customers in good condition.Custom e-liquid boxes

In addition, many of the companies have started selling many of their products online as well. With the purpose of opening up to a much wider market and therefore increasing your sales. And, as one of the keys to the success of any electronic commerce is the customer, their opinion is important to always go further.

In addition to getting new customers, it has been achieved that the current has an unforgettable experience. So that they repeat or even recommend us to friends, family, or colleagues.

Within this whole process. From the moment a potential customer enters our website to buy until he finally receives the product at home. We found a key element that in many cases goes unnoticed, the packaging. Packaging becomes a really important point today. Well, among many other things, it helps us so that our brand communicates its values ​​to users.

Today in this post we will analyze the most relevant aspects of why it is so important to take care of the packaging.

What is the packaging?

The packaging is a container whose purpose is to house objects inside to facilitate their shipment. If we take The Custom Box Printing as an example, the packaging would be the outer boxes, the cardboard boxes for bottles. These contain the structures that protect the glass bottles. Its objective is to transport and/or ship products in large quantities.

It is the element with the customer who first has physical contact, before even seeing the product they have purchased. Everything that happened previously in the purchase process has been digital and so to speak, the customer has had to “trust” us. Hence the importance of packaging and that first contact.

Container, packing, and packing

The packaging, packaging, and packaging can look the same, and many people who use it to name the same. You have to work with each one separately, always taking into account the client and the values ​​you want to convey. In our case, it would be for example the savings and security values.

The container, also called primary packaging, would be the direct container for the product. For example, in the case of olive oil, it would be the glass bottle that would contain the liquid.

The packaging or packaging, following the example of olive oil would be the box that keeps the container. In our case, it would be the internal structure of our boxes for oil bottles, that is, the internal skeleton.

The packaging or tertiary packaging is what contains all of the above, the product in its entirety. This has the objective of facilitating its transport to the end customer.

If you want to know more, in our blog you will find What is the difference between packaging, packaging, and packaging?

Why is e-commerce packaging important?

As we were advancing at the beginning of this post, e-commerce packaging is a very important aspect that is often neglected. Here are some compelling reasons not to do it.

For protection and safety:

It is the main reason, the protection and safety of the product are given by the packaging. Depending on how this is, you will give a greater or lesser perception of security to the client.

To offer a better brand experience:

When the customer receives and opens the packaging, known as “unboxing”, this is part of the brand experience. A good packaging design that stands out from your competition helps positively to improve your brand image. In addition to favoring the customer to be satisfied with our brand.

To convey the values ​​of your brand:

The brand values ​​must be patented on the packaging so that the customer appreciates them as soon as they receive their order. We must not forget that packaging is the first contact that the customer has with us.

What types of packaging do we find on the market?

Today there are a large number of types of packaging that we can find on the market. Next, we will see the ones that are currently used the most by protection and price.

Cardboard boxes:

Cardboard is one of the most versatile and inexpensive packaging materials we find today. It can be used for a multitude of applications and can be fully customized. We can find all kinds of options like the honeycomb. Or, as in the case of our packaging for beer, wine, olive oil, and spirits.

Bubble wrap:

Bubble wrap is one of the most widespread and used product packaging options. It comes in a roll and is recommended especially for those products that have sharp or pronounced angles. Even for products that are delicate such as kitchenware.

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