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Bitumen fiber sheet

Euro slate, bitumen-fibrous sheet, soft slate, flexible slate are all the same material. In the vastness of UAE, this roofing material is better known as ondulin. Outwardly, it is an analogue of a conventional slate and at a price it does not differ much, therefore it is considered a roof covering of an economy class. It is made from pressed cellulose fiber, which is impregnated with bitumen at high temperature. The composition also includes rubber and coloring pigments. When laying, it is fixed with special nails with notches and a rubber hat. They are purchased, as a rule, together with flexible slate.
The coating has a relatively low weight, which can significantly save, because there is no need to make a reinforced truss system on the roof. Advantages of the Euro Slate: strength, fire resistance, wear resistance, resistance to environmental influences, environmental friendliness, cost price, durability and variety of color palette.

Flexible tile:

The bituminous tile is very widely applied to a roof of country houses. The constructors of the  best construction companies in UAE are very popular for using bituminous tile. The basis of this material is fiberglass. In the manufacture of it is impregnated and covered with heat-resistant roofing bitumen, which does not melt under the “scorching” sun. Bottom on the tile there is a layer of bitumen-polymer self-adhesive mass, mineral sprinkling on the front side, giving the material the desired color. In addition to aesthetic purposes, sprinkling protects the bitumen coating from the effects of external atmospheric phenomena (precipitation, UV, etc.). It should be noted that under the flexible tile requires serious preparation of a solid base. As a rule, the roof under this roofing material is sheathed with sheets of OSB or plywood. Flexible shingles adhere well to the base due to the self-adhesive layer. Under the influence of the sun, tiles are sintered into a monolithic hermetic coating. In addition, the tile is still lapped with roofing nails. Flexible roof tiles are an ideal solution for roofs of the most complex shapes, with virtually no scraps, which saves you a budget on the overall quadrature of the material.

Ceramic natural tile:

The basis of the material is oily and plastic clay with the addition of plasticizers. After firing, the tile becomes homogeneous, dense and very durable. A layer of glaze (clay or glass) is applied on top.

Today, 2 types of tiles are used for roofing:

  • Grooved – creates the effect of gutters on the roof.
  • Mortise – is laid by the “shell” method, and a special locking connection is used to fix it.
  • Flat (beaver tail) – the upper element during installation covers the connecting joint of the two lower ones.


Ceramic tile has a lot of advantages:

  • durability (with proper installation will last more than 100 years);
  • high resistance to external aggressive environment;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • extensive color gamut;
  • ecological cleanliness;
  • absolute fire safety;
  • excellent ventilation qualities;
  • ease of installation / dismantling (including complex roofs);
  • a wide range of related elements (snow holders, aero elements, etc.).


Cement-sand tiles are also in high demand. The manufacturer uses quartz sand, Portland cement and iron oxide pigments. The coating does not fade in the sun at all, it is characterized by high strength, enormous service life, low thermal conductivity and good sound insulation. The coating is more suitable for pitched roofs. In addition, installation can be done with your own hands without involving expensive specialists. Of the minuses we can distinguish: a lot of weight, so you need to take into account the power of the rafter system at the design stage. However, the minus can be turned into a plus: for wooden house building, a lot of weight is more an advantage than a disadvantage. The tile roof presses the log crowns very tightly, stabilizing and accelerating the shrinkage of the structure.

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