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No matter how advanced the world is, games are one of those things that never go out of style, even for the shortest period. People of all ages, from children to teenagers and adults, have their taste and interest when it comes to games. Many games are released every day for people around the world. Whether it’s a board game, a computer game, CD, Xbox or PlayStation, the boxes play an important role in providing the most appropriate boxes for the product. But! If you are tired of receiving complaints about damaged games such as broken or scratched, it is difficult to control the damage that a company faces due to reimbursement, shipping and other expenses along with the waste of a product, since CDs cannot be recovered once They are destroyed. In today’s world it should not be a problem at all due to the more advanced and unique cusmtom game boxes, thanks to the customization offered by the most versatile packaging according to the needs and requirements of the products.

  1. Structurally Game Boxes

When it comes to packaging boxes, the different types of boxes vary according to their strength and durability. To ensure product protection, it is important to choose the correct box, for example, there are two types of boxes that are most commonly used for shipping, such as Custom Game Boxes and corrugated boxes. Custom Game Boxes are the strongest due to their structure. They are manufactured by placing layers of striated cardboard sheets between the regular ones to increase the strength and strength of the material.

2. Wrap Set

Each product is different from the other, which requires a custom packaging that meets your needs, since some of the products are very delicate and others are robust.

Before choosing the correct shipping box, it is important to understand the need for your product. If your product is delicate and there are more chances of damage during shipping or handling. Choose plastic or bubble wrap in the packaging of your game box that protects the product from potential damage such as bumps, drops or bumps.

3. Proper Size Box for Game Boxes

Sizes matter a lot when it comes to packaging because an oversized box does not provide adequate containment and the product moves from its place in the box, which is more dangerous than outside damage. Customization allows companies to create custom game boxes in sizes that fit the product perfectly, ensuring maximum protection.

4. Add Cash Inserts

In addition to the product packaging, there are different types of box inserts that help provide an additional layer of protection for products that are more prone to damage. For example, you can add Styrofoam or peanut sheets to your Custom Game Boxes. It has been shown that these box inserts are very useful for absorbing shocks that can damage your games.

5. Proper labeling

The labeling of Custom Game Boxes has been overlooked for a longer period, but it plays an important role in keeping the product safe from damage. Labeling the product with precautions and information on the sensitivity of the item that is packaged inside the box helps to give more precise and clear instructions to the courier company. Custom printing is very cheap when done wholesale. Therefore, prevention is better than cure. Print your shipping boxes in attractive designs, information or symbols that help you understand the protective measures to be taken.

6. Waterproofing

When we talk about product protection, it is not just about bumps and drops, but there are many other factors that can destroy your product, for example, water, humidity, excess heat or cold. The customization offers customers and companies the most beneficial and affordable laminations in different finishes such as gold and silver or transparent that creates an outer layer around the case that is resistant to water, moisture and heat.

7. Presentable Packaging

How would you feel if you received a simple boring and regular brown box at your door without any name and information about what’s inside?

When it comes to sending game boxes, companies overlook custom design and printing, which should not be so, since it plays an important role in creating a reliable and professional brand image among customers. Give your shipping boxes an identity, a face that speaks for your brand and your product when it reaches customers’ hands. Not only does it provide product information, but it also offers free marketing for the product. If you’re wondering how much such an effective and luxurious boxes will cost you, it’s nothing compared to the quality, durability, functionality, sustainability and aesthetic appeal you’ll get. Wholesale customization is the most affordable solution for packaging products for each type of company, whether small or large. This is because sellers always trade in bulk or in large quantities.

It provides companies with a great opportunity to create an impressive first impression in the market and among customers in the most professional, attractive and presentable way. Before you start manufacturing, understand your product and your customer, be creative, imaginative and innovative when it comes to choosing the right shape, size or perfect designs. Custom game boxes in unique shapes, sizes and designs offer a more attractive packaging for the product in a sustainable and affordable way.

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