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Facilitate your business and improve your sales by acquiring custom lotion boxes for your moisturizing lotions. Custom Lotion Boxes are always in demand and skin care products such as lotions and creams are the basic need of women. The lotions are manufactured and poured into plastic and fragile bottles that are then packed in Custom Lotion Boxes for display in stores. Boxes Me offers high quality lotion packaging with various designs, styles and shapes of boxes.

Get Custom Printing and Packaging Services for Lotion Boxes

We are experts in the manufacture of customized lotion boxes and have served the industry for a decade. With superior quality packaging and prints, we glorify the perspective of your cosmetics so you can improve the sale. The Custom Lotion Boxes are printed with attractive printing styles and elegant accessories that urge customers to take your product. Our lotion packaging boxes are also ideal for gift packaging, as you can add trim accessories to the box. Finishing options such as gold and silver sheets, matte, glossy lamination and ultraviolet stain stylize the lotion boxes and make them attractive.

Get Highly Custom Lotion Boxes to Make Your Cosmetic Lotions

Our custom lotion boxes are equally good for shipping, as they are made of high strength cardboard material. These durable boxes protect the quality of beauty lotions and prevent them from being damaged. As lotions run the risk of spilling from the packaging, our boxes are made with a vertical design that holds them tightly and eliminates the risk factor during transport and movement of the lotions. Not only that, our custom lotion boxes can also be used to send your cosmetic subscriptions to subscribers, as they can be done with a comfortable design to place multiple cosmetic products in them.

We offer many designs of Custom Lotion Boxes to make your product look unique and elegant. If you already have a cardboard lotion box design, tell us about that. We will turn that idea into a real tangible box that will fit exactly your expectations. Apart from that, if you want to create a new design from scratch, you can get the idea of our prefabricated design templates. Our experts will help you design the lotion boxes. A specific style and shape of the product will be offered for your custom lotion boxes to meet your packaging and marketing needs. Lotion boxes are for sale and you can save up to 40%.Take advantage of the special sale in our Custom Lotion Boxes and order now to save more on the cost of your packaging. You can get up to 40% discount by asking us for the lotion boxes. Not only that, we also provide many additional benefits to customers, such as free design assistance and free shipping in the United States.

Get The Fantastic Custom Lotion Boxes

Make a specific identity of your cosmetics brand by purchasing lotion boxes from Custom Lotion Boxes. Print your boxes with your brand’s logo and slogans to promote the brand effectively in the market. If you have not yet designed your logo, our designers can do it for you. Just tell us the logo design you want to print, we will make it happen with our unrivaled printing services. Our digital and offset printing machines provide superior quality printing on cardboard lotion boxes and give you the opportunity to promote your product in the market.

Buy Custom Lotion Boxes at Custom Lotion Boxes

Custom Lotion Boxes has the policy of accepting orders for low and wholesale quantities.  We make sure to provide you with the cheapest rates for lotion packaging so you can save more on the cost of packaging. Choose the best style, choose the specific shape and design of the product according to your choice. That’s it, now you just have to sit and wait for the boxes to be delivered to your home. We deliver what we promise and provide wholesale lotion boxes with the same dimension and specification as you want. So order now and reserve your lotion boxes now.

Take advantage of the ecological lotion boxes to meet the requirements of your customers. Getting environmentally friendly packaging has become the demand of many industries, especially when it comes to the food and cosmetic industry. Custom Lotion Boxes understands all the problems that manufacturers and suppliers face and considers them a priority when manufacturing wholesale lotion boxes. Change the trend of your packaging and order new boxes of style lotions now. Our order processing is very easy, just call us now and request the quantity of boxes you want by listing their dimensions and specifications. We will provide free shipping to your door throughout the United States.

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