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Brick cladding. Terms, types of bricks, architectural elements:

Facade decoration with masonry is the most durable, practical and expensive type of wall decoration. With the help of bricks, it is possible to make complex decoration with architectural and structural elements or just close the main wall material, but this is not always possible.

Facing conditions:

If decorative brickwork of the facade was not provided for by the project, it is not always possible to mount it, for this it is necessary to fulfill several conditions:

  • A foundation that extends beyond the main structure by 120 mm, capable of withstanding the pressure of a masonry column (determined by calculations). It is necessary to transfer the load to the ground and prevent uneven shrinkage of the facade.
  • Ensuring the lining of the cladding and the bearing wall so that the brickwork is at a stable distance from the base, does not approach or move away from it as a result of vertical and horizontal loads.
  • For houses built of cast concrete, it is possible to use special JVA + hinged systems for hanging wall cladding. They allow laying brick not on the foundation, but on metal consoles fixed to the main wall. The disadvantage of the system is the high cost, the advantage is the lack of need for a separate foundation and binding dressings.
  • The facing facade is mounted with an insulating layer (in most cases), between them there is an air gap. For this reason, it is necessary to provide an appropriate roof structure so that the eaves overhang is sufficient to fulfill its functions, that is, 50-60 cm.
    In European architecture, there are roofs without eaves. From the point of view of practicality, such roofs are not the best solution, since they do not protect the wall from getting wet and snowing, such a design is taken into account the features of the general plan – narrow streets. For regions with heavy rainfall during the year, this option is not suitable.
  • It is advisable to revet with a brick a house worthy of such a finish. You must admit that the old dilapidated cottage is made of wood – there is neither an appropriate foundation, nor interior decoration. In this case, it is advisable to carry out a complete reconstruction or reconstruction of the house.
  • In the case of brickwork of an existing house, in the project of which the facade masonry was not laid, it is recommended to contact the designers to consider the technical feasibility of the proposed measures and to find the best solutions (completion of the foundation, choice of dressing, etc.).In case of buildings the brick cladding is also used in the construction of Deira mall

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