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What pants to wear for the start of the school year?

End of summer, back to school soon? The pants remain a popular piece for a return to work. Nothing prevents you from wearing this fashion item for this fall, since it is as comfortable as the very classic dress or the skirt.

The pants are also a piece with which you can keep a chic and dressy look, but on condition that you choose them well and combine them with the right accessories. So what are the trendy back-to-school pants to stay stylish and how to wear them?

Wide and fluid pants

Fluid pants are a piece that you can proudly wear since the fashion is wide pants, a garment that combines fashion and comfort. This piece is quite original in its cut and can be worn with a light top or a t-shirt, with heeled sandals, like the maxi skirt whose shape it imitates.

For an elegant look, you can also wear the wide and fluid pants with a light blouse belted at the waist to mark it and with heeled boots. The wide pants for women online New York look great when sewn in corduroy fabric and can be worn with a flannel or mesh top for a touch of elegance.

It can also be declined in a “cropped” or cut version at the level of the legs. This one is worn with a blouse very close to the body and high boots. We like wide pants for the light materials they can be worn on, an undeniable asset in summer. Worn away from the body, it will be really comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

Flare pants

The flared pants are reminiscent of the famous elephant’s paw that was all the rage in the 70s, thanks in particular to Farrah Fawcett from the series “Funny Ladies”. These pants are easily recognized by their flared side from below the buttocks or from the knees. For this summer, the flared pants are high waist, close enough to the body to the knee, and flare down the lower leg.

To compose a chic look with these pants, wear it with a bodysuit, ankle boots with a square heel with a round toe and a well-fitted jacket. Complete it with a felt hat and a stylish handbag.

Whether its jeans, denim or fabric, flare jeans are a chic outfit when you put them on with high heels and a blouse.

The Palazzo

Palazzo pants are also making a strong comeback with the oversize trend, which is very popular. It flares out from the waist to the leg, resulting in a particularly slender silhouette, especially if you opt for flowing materials like cold wool or satin.

Palazzo pants can be worn with a fitted top or a sweater that reveals the shoulders. It goes just as well with a small jacket that falls right at the hips, as it does with a matching coat casually thrown over the shoulders. High heels are mandatory so as not to compress the silhouette


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